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For the most part, twist locks work great. They are, however, prone to issues as many a seasoned hiker can attest. There are many potential issues one can have with twist lock trekking poles indeed.

The twist can be so tight that the lock seizes up and is stuck in place unless it is rescued by a pair of vice grips this has happened to me. Likewise, if you under tighten the twist lock, the trekking poles will collapse. Personally, I have never had major issues operating twist lock trekking poles. Point being though, they are kind of going out of style. Nowadays it is all about the lever locking system. Most hikers find opening and collapsing trekking poles with lever locks a breeze.

Lever locking trekking poles certainly do inspire more confidence as they rarely will let you down when you really need them which I guess is always for support. Lever locking trekking poles are not without their own small issues as well.

Occasionally you will have to tighten the lever mechanism with a tool to ensure you get a firm lock. Such is life sometimes. As the trekking poles are going to be spending hours on end in your hands, you want them to feel comfortable.

I have had the most experience using foam hand grips. More or less, I have always found foam grips to be comfy. It is undeniable that cork grips are very comfortable too. If you are prone to sweaty palms as well, cork is great at wicking away moisture. That said, cork material tends to hold smell more as well. Get ready for the dreaded stink mitts! Most high-end trekking poles will come with cork grips. This is not always the case though as sometimes they come with foam grips as well.

Foam grips are also great at wicking moisture and can take a bit of the impact from your hands as well. As I said, I am a fan of foam and my ego is unaffected if my poles are not equipped with cork grips, which has in effect become the trademark look of the trekking pole enthusiast. Rubber and plastic grips are found on budget trekking poles.

Rubber grips are ok, though many hikers have reported chaffing as the result of using them. A benefit of having rubber grip poles is that they can easily be cleaned and sanitized when they get filthy wash off the stink mitt smell.

No matter if you are going on weekend jaunts or long-distance hikes, you want your trekking poles to offer up a comfy feel. For me, I really tend to go for trekking poles that feature anti-shock technology. The performance on a step or challenging hike is obvious. The more impact you can transfer from your knees and hips to the trekking poles the better. Having rigid trekking poles comes with the benefit of less weight. If you move fast and cover big miles you are likely interested in hauling the least amount of weight possible.

That said, preserving my knees for the long haul is my top priority. I plan on trekking into my ripe old age, and my long term plan to make that happen includes always using anti-shock trekking poles. I suggest you try both types of trekking poles rigid and shock-absorbing and see which style works for you.

Every hiker is different, but yeah, anti-shock trekking poles kick ass in my opinion. My dad using anti-shock trekking poles at age 66 in the French Alps. Most mid-range and above even some budget options should come with the associated interchangeable baskets that attach to the bottom of your trekking poles for winter use. If you have the budget and the space in your garage, you might find yourself with two pairs of trekking poles to be used during different times of the year.

Contact Atlantic Sea Kayaking for more information. Located on Coburg Street — check out their FB page for events and updates. This is another fun thing to do within walking distance of the city. Feeding, or simple observing, the ducks up at The Lough has been an age-old tradition in Cork, especially among locals from the area. Blackrock Obseratory is one of the best attractions in or near Cork City.

This incredible castle turned stargazing observatory is both stunning to look at it from the inside and out. First of all the delicious food you will be served is all sourced locally, with the menu changing daily, and prepared and cooked by students from the cooking school. Should you be lucky and visit when the sun is shining, you can enjoy a walk around the beautiful house and gardens and understand why so many Corkonians choose to host their weddings at this incredible venue.

Stretching on for miles on either side of the island where the award-winning Inchydoney Island Hotel is located this beach is also a top spot for surfing, especially in winter. If you want to do some good while visiting Cork, adopting a donkey seems a pretty great place to start!! With the best beer garden in Ireland and one of the most stunning views, a day trip to West Cork should definitely be one of the first things you do while visiting Cork!

Be sure to walk up to the famous beacon or hop on the ferry and head over to the beautiful Sherkin Island for the day.

The coastal town of Cobh is famous for being the last port of call for the ill-fated Titanic before it sailed out to sea. But I also marched in solidarity with the activists who were trying to find a voice for the voiceless, who were creating an alternative social vision for the country. The contention that unemployment has forced so many of my generation to emigrate no longer holds any weight. In , only one in five who left were unemployed. In , only one in seven.

This speaks of a much more depressing reality: Ireland is becoming no place for the young. We need rebels like my great-grandfather, who through his actions and words, helped create a new national identity. We need brave people willing to step off the path and be bad citizens, we need people storming our 21st-century barricades and willing to be used as sandbags.

The continued water-charges demonstrations and success of the marriage referendum last year are signs that there are many such rebels still out there.

The battle for the repeal of the eighth amendment — the ban on abortion — will need such people, too. Sara Baume grew up in rural Cork. She has won prizes for her short stories and her novel Spill Simmer Falter Wither was nominated for the Guardian first book award in Every morning, almost as soon as I am awake, regardless of weather, of light level, I go outdoors.

Outdoors, on the far side of my mud and gravel driveway, across the facing field, I see cows. They are making their way from pasture to milking parlour, ponderously. Along the shit-splattered, furze-fringed cattle path in a long, wiggly line. As appears to be the custom, I like to end on a single sentence of personal information. I did live in Dublin. From the age of 19 to 26, during an uncomfortable yet curiously exhilarating phase when I had not yet decided exactly what I wanted, when I was still snatching tasters from the sampling tray of life.

For seven years — through the boom and out its nefarious end — I made a home of the capital city, first studying the arts, and then working in them.

During the downturn, we heard much about jobs, banks, houses and immigration in the media; significantly less about the cuts in arts funding. It was early in that, unable to afford its rising rents and weary of Dublin anyway, I moved with my partner, another artist, to east Cork, where I grew up.

We lived for almost five years on the edge of the harbour, and just recently moved to the generally wilder west side of the county. I have nothing in particular against Dublin, perhaps because Dublin does not seem to me in any way particular.

Whereas I prefer being at a distance — close to open water and wood and mud instead. Where a biscuit tin is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a letterbox.

Where the bumpy green gives way to a sea interminably twitching with white horses, but the tyrannous cloud never allows the panoramas to be taken for granted. Where the houses are painted lemon and salmon and beige, and the neighbours are pheasants and hares and bachelor farmers.

Where every village used to have a shop and a post office and a policeman, but now only has a pub. The Ass of Holding. Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The result is a character who climbs into a guy's rectum in a manner so awesome that everyone in 60 ft becomes undyingly loyal to him.

Then the poor guy explodes. In Avenue Q , Princeton gets an unexpected one by Kate. He likes it. The scene in Marlowe's Edward II where the titular king is murdered with a red-hot poker demonstrates how effectively horrifying this trope can be. In The Club , one of the tips Jock gives Geoff for distracting an opposition player is to jam your thumb up his bum as he's going for a mark. Video Games. When asking a Scamp where it hid the key: Scamp: Keys?

Near my tail. Want look? Boss: Did they find the data? Scorch: No, I hid it pretty well. Boss: Where, exactly? Scorch: Mmmm, you don't wanna know. Boss: Roger that. Ratchet: Let me outta this thing you Blarg-headed frack monkey! I can barely breathe and my tail feels like it's shoved right up my—! Anise: We're gonna take the Commandant 's ideals and shove them up his ass! Demoman : to Engineer You come wide at me again, boy, I'll stick that wrench right up yer arse!

Demoman: to Engineer again Go on and build more o' yer little guns. I'll shove every one of them up yer arse! Soldier : Merasmus! I am going to pull a rabbit out of your ass! Soldier: to Medic I'm gonna mail my boot to the Kaiser with your ass around it! Soldier to Administrator : Then I guess you'd better take me to the gravel pit and shoot me , lady. Soldier to Merasmus : Tonight, your ass will be visited by three ghosts: my foot, my other foot, and a ghost!

Kokonoe: You say that again and I'll fill every hole of yours with my special candy! Watcher: [Resolve 14] Get out of my way or I'll break your sword in half and feed it to you at both ends. Visual Novels. This happens to Akira in Keisuke's route in Togainu no Chi , in a non-comedic example. One word: screwdrivers. Web Animation. How It Should Have Ended has Butch taking a moment to ask himself whether he should entrust his most valuable possession — that watch — to the care of his ditzy girlfriend.

A prescient Imagine Spot later in which he foresees having to shoot one man with a submachine gun, ram another with his car, face down a leather-clad sex maniac, and disembowel another man with a sword, you know, the usual and predictable results , and he chooses to make sure that watch is packed properly. Butch: In fact I'm continuing the tradition, baby! Luckily, she was wearing a thong. Crops up in Collar 6 during a guest strip when Laura needed to hide a vibrator present from Sixx.

Ginger went to fetch the bleach afterward. In strip 15 of the Touhou doujin Life of Maid , Patchouli gets sick and Sakuya has to take her to the hospital. The first instance is Mat getting his [literal] staff shoved up his arse; it reaches its pinnacle when Rahvin gets a battleship shoved up there. Rahvin: Umm I'm going to have a series of sharp implements thrust up my ass, aren't I? Kinslayer: Yup. Rahvin: Dammit. Look on the bright side: We can sell that footage to "Proctological Ambush.

Belkar: But speaking hypothetically, if I had managed to conceal a Ring of Jumping someplace on my body that I was reasonably certain no one would search I'm a grown man who thinks his doctor should be able to check his temperature in other ways, like the forehead, ear, or, and this may seem novel, under the tongue.

White Mage : "This hammer will be introduced to your anatomy in a way that is neither comfortable nor sanitary. The White Mage's oath forbids me from speaking further on this matter, but consider it a guarantee that you will taste splinters for a week when I'm through with you. I struggle to see how the Medical Council could, or would, provide oversight for such a practice. While its declared intentions are admirable, this is a crazy bill. Many of the TDs who spoke in support of it in the Dail said that it was not a Trojan horse, I have great difficulty seeing it as anything else.

The bill goes way beyond its stated remit, and although I accept that it is an early draft, it is more liberal than the most laissez-faire legislation anywhere else in the world.

Comparisons with the US should be made cautiously, in view of the very different social context and healthcare system. This bill, and the discussion around it, ignore the escalating cannabis dependence in Ireland. This escalation warrants a robust political response in itself. The presentation of cannabis as a medicine must be recognised in the context of a wider agenda to liberalise all drug policy.

In Ireland, if and how far we go down that track will be determined by our citizens. For most of us, drugs have little or no impact on our day-to-day lives. The highly organised, and extremely motivated, groups who are driving the drug-liberalisation agenda will rely heavily on your complacency.

You will be told many lies by such groups. Like all pieces of brilliant spin, this collection of words is neither true nor untrue. We have no war on drugs in Ireland. Our national drugs strategy, of the past 20 years, is built upon principles of harm-reduction, not warfare. You will be told that the ongoing use of drugs is proof that their illegality is a failure.

Criminal laws are designed to curtail behaviours which society views as harmful and unwanted. You will be told that regulating the sale and availability of these drugs will eliminate criminals from the equation.

Two words counter that nonsense: Diesel and cigarettes. Is there scope for any tweaking of current drugs policy? He gets a piece of paper and does the math, over and over, showing me how much it should have cost him.

He was a very nice, well-meaning guy, but was generally clueless about day-to-day operations. So of course, he decides to jump in and solve this problem. For 45 minutes, they sat there trying to solve it. We get maybe one of those coupons a week, the thirteen cents was not going to break the bank. When I was working in an office full time and a pizza joint part time, I went out to lunch with my new coworkers and my boss.

It works most of the time! My sister and I served tables together for a while at a small, casual pub. Working together was kind of a novelty and we generally had a lot of fun on our shifts.

One night, just as we were closing up, a table of six walks in. They were pretty rude right off the bat, reorganizing tables and moving chairs even though there was already a table large enough to accommodate them.

After taking forever with the menus, they finally decided on a pitcher of beer and a plate of nachos. For the whole table. Since they were the only customers left in the pub, my sister and I were both dealing with them in an effort to try and get them out asap.

Well, our over-attentiveness resulted in them being warned twice god forbid! I guess they spent more energy bitching about us both telling them than actually heeding our warning, because two of them burned themselves. The table then proceeded to argue with us for 15 minutes about why they should get their bill comped.

For some reason, the restaurant was set up so that customers had to bring their bills up to the hosts so that we could process them. On busy nights, this resulted in long lines of people waiting to pay. I was trying to move as quickly as possible, as the line this night was almost out the door. I was just finishing up with a customer, and I handed him a to-go bag and turned towards the next person in line. This woman also asked for a to-go bag for her leftovers, which I handed to her after I processed her bill.

Normal, right? She crossed her arms and declared that she would not leave until I personally put her food in the bag. At this point my manager showed up, and asked what the problem was.

This lady demanded that she specifically see me put the food in the bag I had moved on to helping the next customer, because once you throw something at me, I am done with you, crazy. But every once in a while we would get people coming in and asking if we sold the separate ingredients for them to take home and cook themselves. Most people were pretty understanding about the fact that we could not in fact sell them raw food, but this one couple refused to accept this.

The woman gets very serious and tells me that she has done it many times before at other Papa Johns, and refuses to believe me. He tells me that I should just ring up their order as if I actually cooked it and just hand over the ingredients. I tell him that I legally cannot sell him raw, uncooked food as we do not have permits to do so.

He tells me that this is bullshit, and that the Albertsons next door sells nothing but raw food, so we should be able to as well.

We've no shortage of drop-dead gorgeous waters to explore, but the one trip buried deep in my heart is a night kayak on Lough Hyne in Cork. We set out at dusk, paddling as the night sky turned an.

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  5. Eight days later, Thor is still lying there waiting when Ratatosk, the squirrel of the World Tree, comes by and, curious, pulls the cork out, releasing eight days' worth of backed-up feces. Thor picks up the stunned Ratatosk, embraces him, and says "You're ugly, you're hairy, and you're covered in shit. But you're mine, and I love you!".
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  8. Mar 13,  · It’s years on from the Easter Rising, but in the wake of economic crisis and deep uncertainty, Ireland faces huge challenges once more. Here, five .
  9. May 23,  · Some of the best things to do on a visit to Cork. The Hi-B is a little pub on Oliver Plunkett St. to escape from it all. Be warned though, there aer no mobile phones allowed.

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