Untitled - Various - Cadaverizer Spasms Compilation

The first part - the "15 Poems by Franz Kafka" book - is the first ever bilingual illustrated edition of all known Kafka lyrics in German and Russian. The second part is the musical compilation based on the material of this book As it turned out Kafka's works and their atmosphere are close to musicians from very different cultural layers. It's the point where many musical styles interwine: radical chanson and neofolk, female choir and collage electronics, post-industrial and dark ambient, rampant neoclassic, minimalistic improvisation and post-rock.

The compilation features I. Belorukov, A. Shershenkov, Pustotsvet, N. Xazzaz — Extinctions CD Turgid Animal 12e For years Mike Simpson's Xazzaz has been tucked away in the far reaches of the North East, obsessively playing, recording and honing his craft with no regard for standard noise or scene conventions.

His live appearances are few and far between but are always shrouded in a magical darkness and shamanic intrigue. All manner of instrumentation has and will continue to be used in the creating of his music; from temperamental handmade devices to bass guitars and percussion creating churning low end industrial noise that crashes like the waves of the North Sea.

Xazzaz expertly utilizes vocals and synth loops, decay and above all; an egoless dedication to the worship of pure sound. Those few East Pennine dwellers that are familiar with his work markedly several low run CD-rs and tapes on his own Molotov imprint will discover that "Extinctions", which marks his first on a professional format, encompass his four best tracks to date.

Those that are not yet familiar should be so immediately. This limited edition CD comes in a standard jewel case and features the stunning artwork that enshrines all Xazzaz and Molotov releases, lovingly created by the man himself. Everything is very reminiscent of the 'smell of rotten stuff! Inspired by the hospital ity killings of Chrome tapes, including 20 pages full color booklet with all lyrics.

Flawless - a project at the forefront of contemporary Americanoise. White Records. Covering many of the sounds Dead Body Collection has been dwelling in, from crisp to arid, from the heavily distorted to the massively impenetrable, this is both a good introduction to the project and an essential release for those who have been active and closely following its output.

Professionally duplicated tapes with on body printing, housed in a double box with a professionally printed 8 page booklet including all info from original releases. The bloodthirsty killer will enter into your home in search of a victim - a victim to fulfill his darkest desires. He finds her, in her apartment, alone! Press play and home invasion can begin at midnight. The first track reflects a sadistic murder at midnight, portrayed with bloody harsh noise wall.

The second track is pure brutal static madness that mirrors the hidden desires found in of most of us. Yes, half of hour is enough for two glorious murders! This was a night to remember CS Crown Tapes 7e Still angry, still brooding. Self-hate, and loathing still brimming at the surface. Recorded between , this is an even darker glimpse into the world of Disgust.

Kindness is nothing but a warning for violence. Black Psychosis is proud to present two new tapes from the project, each around 30 minutes of bleak, disturbing tracks from this Coma Detox side project.

It is never ending story from the dirtiest and darkest thoughts of mankind. A world filled with tortured souls and lies bigger than human itself. End result from this agony and frustration is something more than unspeakable.

Where man meets metal there is always space for uncontrollable art creation Meet your maker and worship the ugly sound of metal and junk. The Very Worst Of G. Intensity, texture, and propulsion. Walls of white-hot scrap and iron. Time has only hardened and added depth. Uploaded by rob baseel on June 1, This banner text can have markup.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Into The Fog Podcasts. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. Vocalist of the GM operated Cadaverizer Records which released lots of noisecore material. Genital Masticator was formed in when 3 friends who loved extreme music decided to play the rawest noisecore they would be able to do.

The band split up in the early but they left many releases. They are probably still alive and doing material.

Despite the suggestions to stay in Tuva, Tatyana returned to motherland. The album "Vesak" was recorded in and is dedicated to the spring holiday of awakening nature. In many world's cultures full moon of a second month of spring is considered the strongest full moon in year. Yirah is the spiritual state associated with the Sephira of geburah. In contrast to the heart's initial, innate desire to give, deriving from ahavah, yirah expresses one's deeply felt concern and fear lest one's gift fall into the hands of an unworthy recipient who may actually misuse it destructively.

Yirah evokes geburah, the might necessary to reject and even fight against negative and destructive forces. Comes with a beautiful booklet containing Latin scriptures. True toys noise recorded at birthday party at one of the project's member. Recorded on a digital photo camera and not edited later. Played on a pile of Chinese electronic toys, background sometimes features voices of the guests.

Last track is a glockenspiel shamanism. The disk is wrapped in sleeves of used postcards. Limited to 8. After 7 years of development Tho-So-aa was finally ready to present this release. This is the german outfit most complex and dense album. Some of the tracks may show you with threatening collages and experimental loops, how close the difference between freedom and prison is.

Other tracks are surrounded by melancholic soundscapes and dark bass-drones inspired by desperation and totally sadness. In the past years Lutz Rach spent working with sounds to create this thick layers and drones that have never surfaced in his music before. This is no longer pure dark ambient music, it is enriched by industrial sounds experimental use of classical instruments voice samples and an overall laying cry against isolation.

The dark soundscapes expose a very cynical point of view on our sick society, it decribes the unknown pressure to identify with yourself! II, ltd. It dips into the hidden and secret world of ancient and primordial nature, of secret and mysterious rituals On the fanciful turnings of the forest path we will meet authentic ethno music of the Permian Komis, Nordic ambient, ethno-industrial, dub.

Interweaving like lines of a spider's web, chthonic drones mix with resonant rhythms, enigmatic voices and dense dub bass.

This is a trip into the world of magic, which is full of foresters, mermaids, brownies and giants, into the world of growing trees and sparkling water. Ancient rituals and traditional culture expressed by sound This material was used as a soundtrack to a film by Darya Bondarenko "Slavic Islam" More than remarkable heir of Muslimgauze. Abandoned houses, empty streets, cracked roads and walls, rusty machinery, radioactive background going off scale, lightening film, crippled silent nature.

Wind howls in empty rooms, darkness, snow. Roaring environmental hum and rustling radionoises, filled with all-penetrating dreadful radiation. Full-colour 3-panel cover. A voyage to a lost among the boggy forests Komi-Permyak village of Urja located near the huge site of Kuregkar "hen town" of a mythic people of Chud' Vazhes on shore of Nylva "girl's water" river. First composition makes it's path through the twilight of sundown foreboding night.

A mystery of shadows, calm flow of water through the grass of fields. Evil rituals of black wizards can be heard in the night darkness of the second track, sparkles of fire flying high in starry sky, shades moving in a rhythm, gloomy incantations, voices appealing to mysterious beings.

Daybreak in Urja. Sunlit fields, haystacks covered with morning dew, stubborn and viscous fog hiding in forest borders and river valley, singing birds and bawls of cattle following a shepherd playing horn. Beautiful material in nice packaging: handmade cardboard cover with three photos. They have two different tracks, different artworks and CD designs, but the overall musical mood is the same: you can't dance, there are no hits, these are just light positive emotions.

During the listening of these melodies ozone layer restores itself and population of the planet grows. They contain elements of sonic experiments, fragments of "old school" trance music and acid-ambient pulsations. Lomonosov moved to the capital, Denis "Potykot", led to the recording of a collaboration album "Night 29".

Who wins - only listener can decide. The rhythms here are clear and distinct permeated with subtle perpetual and cavernous drone. I found Track 3 'Faust Pt. II' very interesting with some good use of contempory melodies and rhythms.

Track 4, 'Counting the Drops' reverts back to the more synthetic sound associated with this style of music. The overall effect is a well-balanced album with its own unique sound and musical direction. With no doubt one of the greatest releases from War Office Propaganda delivered by this Italian one-man act of Daniele Giustra. Beautiful music, very moving songs in apocalyptic, martial neo-folkish atmosphere mixed with oppresive soundscapes.

Highly recommended! The style can be termed heroic rhythmic Ambient - Folk, in some tracks with background guitar stuff, screaming "black" vocals and martial warlike lyrics on russian. Dangerous, Bitter, Desperate and Down to the Bone, but carrying a huge emotional charge and a rare beauty.

This is lived music, both mature and profound. Black Lung launches a new attack on the listener's mind and body, and as for the side effects, well, maybe there are some which are not noted But one thing that should be noted about this Black Lung release after 'Rhic-Edom' is its specific topic - no wonder that vegetarian Thrussell would use it for a record The artwork seems quite harmless - knife and fork, that's all.

In fact you might ask: "Where's the beef? The 'First Movement' starts as a collage, including the sounds mentioned in the introduction. Now what do you have on your table right now?

Feel comfortable? Aaah, rhythm comes in, so take it easy Now can't we get something more soothing for desert Raw beauty and energy in it's primal. Strong and ultra heavy distortion walls with few layers of ear torturing details. As an experienced and dedicated hunter, he doesn't walk the empty tracks, rather he's interested much more in rich bushes and impassable thickets.

Sick, anarchic, trancesending violent stuff. Our Love Will Destroy The World is for sure one of the most original, distinct and integral projects on contemporary radical music scene.

Originally conceived by Andy in the dying days of , it would not be until the spring of the following year that the band took its first steps, and embarked on a journey that would eventually see the project evolve into a 4-piece band by early Initially, the songs were stripped-down acoustic guitar compositions with the occasional addition of piano, accordion or organ.

However, as the band grew and expanded, the songs were redefined and their sound changed. Today, Passione Nera has evolved from a folk-pop creature into a fully-fledged chamber-pop ensemble. The band keeps one watery alcoholic eye fixed on the cinematic tradition, with melodic landscapes that are dusty and melancholy.

These melodious scenes are then wrapped up in lush, orchestrated songs with acoustic and electric guitars taking the center stage, and additionally enhanced by a large array of other instruments. The piece of Argentinian experimental master Anla Courtis is solely based on manipulated sounds of geyzers, recorded in South America. Ukrainian Edward Sol works with weird cassette loops, lo-fi oscillations and some primitive tones from his vintage USSR-made analogue synth Polyvox. Generally speaking, the sound of this record belongs to the monolith dark drone music.

Less abstract and complex than before, this 7" shows a more gritty aspect of Tobias Schmitt's work on one side and a more emotional, modest one on the other. A very nice 7", well produced and something which should work as a treat to both fans of Suspicion Breeds Confidence and fans of good sound experiments.

But it's not really. On his solo works Alexey creates cold minimal electro ambient based on old Soviet analogue synthesizers and field recordings. Black, sizes M, L. White print on black shirt. Stylish front logo print on breast side and white backprint Magic circle with bandname and slogan. Sizes M, L, XL. Mastered by Frederic Arbour Cyclic Law. Comes in a magnificent digifile with a beautiful artwork by Sperber Illustrationen. Obscure and heavy enveloping noise and rhythm of Death.

For all lovers of dark ambient, death industrial and ritual. Special non-standard package, limited edition. Particularly unusually constructed, extremely suggestive, gloomy atmosphere of the work could probably be defined as a result of synthesis of several styles of electronic music. Whole album savours of mystery, anxiety and sensation as if something horrible is approaching or happening.

For a few chosen it is the openness of mystical science, and for all the rest it is horror, anticipation and obscurity while trying to perceive with strained senses what is actually happening in the catacombs of the institute full of wandering shadows and oppressing hallucinations. Album lasts for 32 min. Limited edition and due to author order will be never re-edited. What is amazing about this release, CD is covered with special lackuer which smells like an almond. Do you recognize this dangerous smell?

Whether it be an office cubical, a personal listening space or subtly defined spaces within an architectural enviroment. CUBE music is music at the edge of perception, music meant to expand interior space. Listening at a volume slightly above the natural sound in the space that this work is being played.

An album out of any definition, music at the same time dreamy and deep, a concrete and ethereal journey, born from the pleasure to experiment, the project was starting from acoustic sounds and voices recorded throw a long tube with zither loops, flutes, and different sonorous objects not identified at all and from the 'nose' sounds by Francesco Paladino. The album contains seven tracks, two of that are enriched by the epic collaboration track with In Gowan Ring in 'Ancient Consciousness of the End', and with the voice by Chako of Jack or Jive in 'Flowing Out from the Core of the Mountain'.

The journey begins at the foot of Yggdrasil, the world tree, under which the entry to Hel is hidden. After passing Fjalar Hel is finally reached. This allegoric tale is expressed diligently by Kernicke with the use of guitar, bass, drums and skillful sampling creating thick drony layers of deep and solemn emotions. Edition of copies In gatefold cardboard sleeve. In 4 years of existence Altera Forma has passed the stylistic way from trip-hop music to electro-pop - genre that most precisely characterises this album.

The basis of band's concept is search and experiment, and the area of pop music doesn't conflict with these two definitions. Saaen, and more light - but only at first glance - presentation of the material The new album of Altera Forma is recommended for those who are interested in "intelligent" electronic music and modern state of affairs on Russian dark scene.

More than music, it is 'ethnography of the unknown' in action, providing vistas into rarely glimpsed corners of reality. Created primarily on acoustic instruments, organs and harmonium, carefully mastered on vintage tape, the sound is equally earthy as it is otherworldly — a contradiction in terms maybe, but then Ai Ma Ra is not classified easily in any other respect either. Ai Ma Ra, pressed in 1. Sound source material: Earth. Sound source material: air.

Aube -- "Reworks Maurizio Bianchi Vol. Unquestionably listenable and very effective. A collaboration between Russian and Argentinian artists. Choirs, bell ringing and meditative drones. Limited to copies in full-colour sleeves.

Cover is a reproduction of an icon found in the deserted village near the Ural. Inserts - burnt images of oppressive sky over the doms of Russian churches - photos made by Noises Of Russia. Recorded in November-December Mesopic Vision is a creation of another Russian musician who previously used the name Polaris and is also known for his label Abgurd.

Their collaboration work is a one min. Really strong, varied and powerful recording. Guaranteed to leave your eardrums like a pair of flogged ass-cheeks Sore, numb, and aching for more Under this name he explores more dense sounding side of drone ambient music, sometimes even bordering with noise, but still driven by emotions.

The closest analogues are Maeror Tri and Troum albums. The lovers of these projects should really draw their attantion to this release - you won't be disappointed. The recording was done with the help of guitar, accordion, flute, voice and percussion. Double sleeve with insert - blood-stained paper.

Gloomy reign of machines managing everything, zombie people dully doing their work in hope to damp their fear of themselves for at least an hour, cybersystems without masters, because everyone - from the almighty corporation heads to the last bums - are the slaves of the idiotic solidarity of weakness. Gmashes and rustles of the unknown aggregates, morse peeps, radio intercepts of office talks which stink of depression and fear much more than any contemporary "suicide rock".

Even the appeal to the glorious pages of the national history is impregnated with pompous hollywood reek of mass-culture. A remarkable audio-film about our common concentration camp. Strongly recommended. Each copy is unique. To us It sounds like a journey into the heart of the sacral, pointing at a sphere of transcendence where all questions end. Or begin again. Under the name of Cisfinitum, he has taken a syncretic approach to an often codified genre, uniting his formal training as a violinist at the Moscow State University with his affinity for concrete sounds and experimental structures.

Past releases have shown a capacity to synthesize these factors at times while emphasizing the contrasts between them at others, sometimes over the course of a single track.

In this aspect, this album follows the tradition faithfully Tactio is the live recording of a Cisfinitum concert at the St. Petri Dom St. Peter's Cathedral in Bremen, on November 24, The particular and as expected highly favorable acoustics of this environment were consistently used not only as an enhancing effect but as an integral foundation for the performance, making it unmistakably tied to its context.

Presented in the form of six continuous tracks, the album is a contemplative composition of vibrant drones, reverberating bells and synthesized resonance, gracefully evolving from the celestial tones of its start to the tellurian pulses of its climax.

This is a piece of work that is elaborate in its simplicity, and it's with much appreciation that it is presented here today. The beautiful iconic artwork by Evgeny Kuprienko further emphasizes the relic-like qualities of this recording.

The noisy sounds are very experimental, as you could fairly imagine, but I like this more than other industrial-noise releases because it isn't senseless noise, but it is a kind of continuous vortical feeling moving you in a new dimension.

Many artistic influences transited along the Silk Road, especially through the CentralAsia, where Hellenistic, Iranian, Indian and Chinese influence were able to intermix. Limited edition of handnumbered copies. Critically acclaimed martial industrial split "Wunderwaffe" of Cold Fusion and Rukkanor, after first versions V-1 and V-2, this time comes as a V-3 weapon - third and definitely last time. Album contains two unpublished bonus tracks, both from "Wunderwaffe" session, and original, conceptual artwork made by Michal Karcz.

Total time 42 minutes, 8 tracks in digipack. Limited to copies. The cover presents some collages by Ryuta Nogouchi a new very interesting japanese designer. On this recording, Amelia Cuni presents two ragas, both of which, according to the time-theory of Indian music, are prescribed for early morning performance, and are associated with a devotional mood. They form a part of Amelia's single most brilliant concert appearance in India, which catapulted her into celebrity status.

Cuni is recognised today as the finest non-Indian exponent of vocal music in the mideaval Dhrupad style, and probably the only significant Dhrupad vocalist amongst women anywhere. Cuni's achievement is exceptional because of her command over all the departments of the art form -- the grammar of the Raga melodic structures, the rhythmic disciplines, sensitivity to the literary content of the poetic form, and the distinctive technique of voice production with its demands on breath-control, lung-power, and tonal precision Here, we present its very first release : a 4 tracks MCD.

The music is a very weird affair Mid tempo rythmics flirting with dark-electronica and even ebm , enhanced by some desperate and aggressive vocals, but without any intention of dance floor's conquest.

There's also an 80's touch all around but the Reutoff's tragical and frozen atmosphere still remains Let's add the artwork is composed of amazingly strange drawnings in a cool packaging! Dasein vs. Dense low rumblings of pre-matter, enigmatic sounds flowing through low-frequency layers, chilly night music for contemplation over the riddles of the universe. Handmade cardboard sleeve, cover photo by Orleane. A great history lesson in the short existence of des Esseintes, each track on each subsequent release just seems to up the ante, with one track more crushing than the next….

The title stands for their deathcamp concept - XIB was the number of the women's block in one of the nazi lagers. But neither DL nor EK did approach the subject alike so many other power electronics outfits. Their attention has turned out to the victims not mutilators. Later on, they have decided to leave this imaginery as nothing original anymore. Anyway, their recordings speak for themselves alone, as only 'alte-schule' power electronics can do. Extremely raw, grinding and obscure electronic assault that crushes your bones and boils your blood, still being soundscape rather than just noise for the sake of noise.

This CDR is a re-release of long sold-out one on Bastet Recordings re-mastered version of the '92 tape. Dmitry's music is complicated, masterly embodied, deeply philosophic, filled with a spirit of Nature and inhuman tranquility work on the edge of Drone, Dark Ambient and Industrial made with the help of natural and artificial sounds, noise, voices and different acoustic and electric instruments. The album is expanded with 2 video clips - a kind of screen version of noise pictures interpreted to the language of visual images.

Fullcolur sleeve. A meeting of mysterious sounds, both improvised and organised, of the traditional and self-made wind- instruments and their hybrids by Werner Durand persian and circular water ney, circular clarinet, khen, prepared shakuhachi with the editing, loops and enviromental recordings by Alio Die. As in the title track, where they recorded the sound of the wind blowing on the edge of a PVC tube sticking out of the car window, while driving on an italian highway and mixed it with the sound of the ocean, filtered acoustically by the very same PVC tube, or the noise of a night train, the church bells in a mountain village, the musicians cause you to loose tracks of home and move towards purely surreal places.

Classical guitar drone ambient, beautiful and melancholic. Covered sounds, sinking into deep waters of unconscious with accompaniment of celestial choirs at the ending a fragment of Arvo Piarta "Da pacem Domine" used. Transparent plastic box with handmade insert.

Tip: When determining a time limit, remember that players won't be as familiar with the level as you are. If you normally complete the level with the timer around , others might run out of time on their first try.

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  2. Dec 18,  · Various Artists - "Fast Product - Mutant Pop" (Virgin ) A rather marvellous posthumous collection of Fast product tracks, released by Virgin after Bob Last sent his wards off to infiltrate the enemy and he formed Pop/Aural and Postcard.
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  4. Genital Masticator was a Noisecore band joined by Benjamín, Jorge and Manolo back in summer in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.. At the same time Benjamín also was playing with the Grindcore band Baal (later Radioactive Mutation), Jorge played drums on the Hardcore-Punk band K.T.P.M. (Komo Tu Puta Madre) and Manolo was also playing with the Deathgore band Pathetic.
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  6. This CDr is the re-release of the Cadaverizer Spasms Compilation Tape released on by Cadaverizer Records with 20 bands and including on this edition bonus unreleased stuff up to 27 early 90’s essential Noise/Noisecore bands: P.A.C., Extreme Hair Stench, Infeccion Cronica, Jangle, Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Potabilizadora, Ona, Patata.

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