Stone And Light - Stone Oak Cosmonaut - One Evening In The Desert

But it also has a drifty Space-Ambient transitional segment with Bluesy trip guitar, spaced out synth washes, electronic effects and quietly threatening vocals that gradually build back up the intensity level as the music thunders along on its cosmic offensive before the explosive Psychedelic Space-Metal finale. The 12 minute Voyagers is another highlight, with an impressive sequence of thematic variations, transitioning from drifting spaced out hard Prog-Psych excursions to music that brings to mind a Satan worshipping ritual in space.

And the instrumental Incident In Galaxy Nine features heavy Psych Space Rock with a tasty melodic Metal edge, loads of fun alien electronics, and various thematic twists and turns.

Actually this reminds me a bit of Litmus but with a more down and dirty fuzzed out sound. Check these guys out. A lot of the tracks would be right at home on various types of 60s movie soundtracks. Other songs travel a similar path, some with a more Prog-like instrumental and compositional complexity and others with an ambient-soundscape vibe and, like Mystery Of The Plain , combine freaky electronic effects and groovy 60s doo-doo-doo vocalizations. I like the lysergically sultry Baobab , and really dig the mixture of 60s Beat-Pop and Exotica on Unseen Girl , with its Psychedelic vibe and nifty ambient guitar fills.

White Mountain is a dreamily melodic and pastoral Ambient-Psychedelic song with soaring trip guitar embellishments, beautifully playful piano melody, light electro orchestration and hypnotic vocals. After looking for my "perfect" Berlin School album for a few weeks now, I think I've found it.

This music cannot be really put to words. This takes all of the best elements of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, and Ashra, mixes them in a blender, and the result is the tastiest possible sauce one could imagine! Sometimes you're in a great mood and when you pair it with incredible music, you nearly feel as if you were a part of the sonic landscape it creates. See me there? Or is there something wrong wth me?

Anyway, if this album was a woman, I'd never ever get my eyes off it. Ga'an - Black Equus. Sometimes you've got to catch up with some newer releases, huh? Ga'an are an excellent modern zeuhl band from Chicago. Their style really appeals to me, I really like that symphonic thing that's going on there. The female vocals from Lindsay Powell are beautiful and, from what I've seen on Google, so is she. These guys really know what they are doing and they've really got feeling for the classic zeuhl sound without being a clone of any of zeuhl bands.

Very nice! I remembered this album as a very enjoyable experience, yet not very distinctly. Naturally, I had to come back to it.

And man, it's so good! I like how it's incredibly consistent, yet has a great variety and diveristy, truly making it a psychedelic journey! Ein kosmische Klassiker! Ich liebe es! You know how sometimes you just wake up in perfect mood and music just tastes incredibly good? These three guys have grown up on Hawkwind, 70's Rush, Black Sabbath and electronica - It's Psychedelic Stoner Metal and it sounds strong and convincing and Undisputed rulers of the new electro pop empire, Kadebostany release their debut full-length album 'Monumental'.

This is the project of DJ, composer and producer Guillaume de Kadebostany. The Jules Band provide a modern sound of rock, blues and soul which is rooted in the music of the '60s and '70s. The 27 years old Nuremberg-based Julia "Jules" Fischer is the center of the band with her soul and powerful vocals and some serious skill and attitude Debut 5 track EP.

Empire of the Scourged is a Dutch death metal band crossing the close minded boundaries suffocating this genre of extreme music. Anyway, a beautiful start for an amazing track with a lot of cool dynamic sections and really intense drumming at the end. The Sun is a more groovey track with some guitar double track harmony guitars. You have your head banging lightly after the guitar riff on this one.

Incident in Galaxy Nine starts with some space synth bullets as they fadeout and the heavy guitar riff takes over, a sense of brooding sets in, like something bad really happened. The track is an instrumental one. Festival closes out the album and is a more laid back track and the singing voice is quite different.

Anyway, another really cool record.. Posted by Scott aka. The Irish duo of Sonny and Leo have recently released their first new album of material in over 40 years.

This opening track is on that album, which I already reviewed last month and it is called the Dark Dance. Ricochet is a sort of darkish track with a mid tempo, hand drums, two guitars and some spooky vocals and an interesting story. The b side is a live version of the bands name from their debut album from !

I hope I can see these guys live one day. In he released the cool, relaxed and spacey Solitude CD, which I reviewed and quite enjoyed. Before reviewing this one, I went back and listened to Solitude again and I have to say, the new one is really an incredible leap in a totally another direction but musically still very interesting. While Solitude was very guitar, sitar based with some strange sounds and samples, this new one is very focused on keyboards synths, organ, fender Rhodes!

Ragamah starts things off with a nice synthesizer melody and some light sitar in the background for ambience rather than the other way around.

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  1. DESERT WIZARDS Beyond The Gates Of The Cosmic LP 25,00 € EK MINUTE BABA Simmi Dance/Dam Maro Dam 7'' 9,50 € HIBUSHIBIRE Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out! CD 16,00 € LONDON UNDERGROUND STONE OAK COSMONAUT One Evening In The Desert CD 11,50 € STONE OAK COSMONAUT Out Of Orbit.
  2. Aug 07,  · It’s been almost five years since the last album from Dutch Space Rock/Stoner/Metal band Stone Oak Cosmonaut. The Cosmonauts are a quartet of dual guitars, bass, drums, synths and electronics, and One Evening In The Desert includes both shorter songs and longer stretched out jam tunes.. Among the shorter songs is the punky, Hawkwind styled space rocking title track.
  3. Stone Oak Cosmonaut > One Evening in the Desert Stone Oak Cosmonaut discography (all) Into the Multiverse () One Evening in the Desert Stone Oak Cosmonaut. Type: Full-length Release date: Catalog ID: Mind Full of Capsules (loading lyrics) 5. Stone and Light .
  4. "One Evening In The Desert", van Stone Oak Cosmonaut, is een geweldige CD, die vol staat met schitterende spacerock nummers en met hun fantastische muziek mag de band zich naar mijn mening tot de betere bands van Nederland rekenen en ik kan dit album dan ook van harte aanbevelen aan een ieder, die van spacerock en hardrock houdt.
  5. Nov 22,  · new album (Dec ) title track. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more.
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of One Evening In The Desert on Discogs/5(3).

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