Silent Spring - Diabolicum - Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss of the Shadows)

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Demonaz "March of the Norse" CD. Deathspell Omega "Paracletus" CD. Batillus "Furnace" CD. Various Artists "Metal Hangover 0. Arkan "Salam" CD. The Silent Spring Genocide Bliss Salvation Through Vengeance The Abyss Of The Shadows One Mans War Angelmaker Ia Pazuzu. Kvartforth's vocals, whose I never thought and imagined that I'll ever hear in a more traditional black metal band. Kvarforth is the man behind Shining , and that's where his position is in my mind.

When I heard of DiabolicuM I was not really sure what to expect, I knew about the band from before but had not paid much attention to them. The music is pretty much my definition of a perfect black metal track, with its tremolo picking fast paced guitars, ultra fast blast beats, the music is dark and atmospheric, it has a slight Shining vibe at some parts, mainly because of Niklas Kvarforth vocals and I have to admit I never thought he would do this kind of music, but then again he is a musician with very varied taste, as not only, he has been doing a lot of guest appearances and vocal contributions before in various bands and projects.

I'm already used to hear Niklas sing in English language and he does a good performance on those songs with his unique vocal style as well. Salvation through Vengeance 6. The Abyss of the Shadows 7. One mans war 8. Void Of Astaroth Hang the nooses from the streetlights Abandon all hope and compassion Tear the laws asunder Crush the rotten heart of man Our god is the world eating pit and the sea of perdition And there are no flesh nor order that deserves to be spared From the void of blood it's rising calling from the kingdom of the ever dead The hatecrowned star of evil wander until the beast of hatred is forever fed Forever kept in sacred hands the seed of fire blazes in the somber skies Ash shall pour from heaven as the mother moans and all of her creation dies From death comes only salvation no second chance and no forgiveness No more chained to the wheel of decay In a world of thorns and venom This is the void of Astaroth 3.

Silent Spring Behold the great mother see her wither and die Our world is no longer and above an ashcloud sky The stars are extinguished one by one Oh, how beautiful it is soon is all be gone This is the silent spring This is our final spring 4. Genocide Bliss I see no joy in life this grey room with no view nor door I see nothing but treason this tainted world with no sky nor shore I can see all colors fade the icons dead all winds turn In the night of the scarecrow where the shadows burn These fields are ripe for harvest These streets to be cleansed The chains to be broken and the age of steel ensure I see no joy in life this depleted dream this flow of pain With no lie hushed the moaning queen in her kingdom crushed I see only the maelstrom strangling every breath With the voice of love I speak the words of death Genocide bliss 5.

Recommended to anyone who likes fast and loud music! Master Boot Record fires up a monstrously-efficient assembly line, powered by industrial, synth-wave, and hardcore techno. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 20, All Empires Fall by Tombs. On the forthcoming Tombs album "All Empires Fall," the band expands their scope and range, balancing brutal riffs with melancholy melodies. Walk Beyond the Dark by Abigail Williams.

Jul 07,  · Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss of the Shadows) () by Diabolicum. Labels: Code Records. Genres: Industrial Black Metal. Songs: Baxxar Ehl Uhza, Void of Astaroth, Silent Spring, Genocide Bliss, Salvation Through Vengeance, The Abyss of the Shadows.

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  1. There are no reviews for Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss of the Shadows) yet. You can write one. Comes in a custom made 17x17x6 cm handcrafted black leather box with hot 18k goldfoil Pazuzu .
  2. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Ia Pazuzu - Diabolicum on AllMusic.
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  4. album: "Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows)" () 1. Baxxar Ehl Uhza 2. Void Of Astaroth 3. Silent Spring 4. Genocide Bliss 5. Salvation Through Vengeance 6. The Abyss Of The Shadows 7. One Man's War 8. Angelmaker 9. Ia Pazuzu.
  5. Following a fourteen-year slumber, cult Swedish industrial black metal misanthropes, DIABOLICUM, now featuring the diseased vocal conjurings of Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth, return with the tormented tones of third full-length, Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows).
  6. Jun 17,  · With the release of Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows), the imminent new full-length from Swedish industrial black metal misanthropes, Diabolicum, now less than three weeks away, today the band brings forth the suffering with the bitter resonance of third movement, "Silent Spring".
  7. It’s a shame because Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss of the Shadows), the band’s first full-length since ’s The Dark Blood Rising, is as solidas anything they’ve put out during their sporadically active career. It also features none other than Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth behind the mic–which makes the near dearth of buzz surrounding this.

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