She Took All The Money - Black Francis - Live In Nijmegen (Memory Stick)

Oktober in London , war ein englischer Komiker. Oktober in Hamburg war ein deutscher Fotograf und Fotojournalist. August in San Juan ist ein puerto-ricanischer Musiker, der vor allem in Belgien erfolgreich ist.

Oktober in Beirut ist ein libanesischer Komponist. Oktober , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania und Leon A. Mai in Kreischa war ein deutscher Schriftsteller, Maler und Musiker. Genesis Publications ist ein britischer Verlag, der sich auf Musiker-Literatur spezialisiert hat. Mai war ein britischer Schauspieler. April in Koblenz ist ein deutscher Bluesmusiker Piano, Vocals.

Januar ist ein US-amerikanischer Jazzpianist und Komponist. Oktober in Bochum , ist ein deutsch-amerikanischer Komponist. Ghost engl. April in Mailand ist ein italienischer Liedermacher. Oktober ist ein britischer Musikproduzent, Komponist und Multiinstrumentalist. Reiterstatue von Elisabeth II. Golden Jubilee war im Jahr das Gone Troppo dt. Der Grammy Award for Album of the Year dt.

Der Grammy Award for Record of the Year dt. Der Grammy Award for Song of the Year dt. Gretsch-Gitarre Gretsch ist ein Unternehmen, das akustische und elektrische Gitarren sowie Schlagzeuge herstellt. Oktober unter Denkmalschutz gestellt wurde.

September ebenda war ein argentinischer Musiker und Singer-Songwriter. Guy Berryman in Madrid. Mai in Maidstone, Kent ist ein englischer Musiker, der vor allem durch seine Zusammenarbeit mit Mark Knopfler bekannt wurde. Hier ist der sehr flache Hohlkorpus des Modells deutlich zu erkennen Die Halbresonanzgitarre umgangssprachlich auch Halbakustikgitarre und Semiakustikgitarre; englisch auch electric acoustic genannt ist ein Mitte der er Jahre entwickelter Bautyp der E-Gitarren. Hans-Helmut Hunger geboren am August , gestorben am 7.

April war ein Komponist und Generalmusikdirektor. Juni ebenda war ein britischer Jazz-Musiker Klarinette, Altsaxophon. Das Harry-Lime-Thema engl. Juli in Stuttgart war ein Illustrator und Grafikdesigner, der die internationale Grafik der er und er Jahre stark beeinflusst hat.

Hello Dolly! Helter Skelter engl. Februar in Rio de Janeiro ist ein brasilianischer Cavaquinhospieler, Komponist und Arrangeur sowie Radiomoderator. Ein Hidden Track engl. Hiroshi Minami jap. Hollywood Dream: The Ride jap. Oktober in Kassel war ein deutscher Musiker.

Februar in Hamburg ist ein deutscher Musikmanager und Musikpromoter. August ebenda war ein deutscher Schauspieler und Synchronsprecher. House on the Rock dt. Raul , 31 December UTC. Self nomination, I now feel that the topic is covered fully and meets the requirements for FA. This embarrasses the many great minds that have emerged from the institution. Tony , 21 December UTC. Self nomination, well cited article, combining all the different elements of design, project history and controversy.

Globaltraveller , 28 December UTC. Please find someone fresh to go through the whole text. Tony , 31 December UTC. Thanks for your comments. I've amended the specific areas you've raised. You'll also see that a "fresh pair of eyes" went through the article circa 2 days ago as a copyedit, and I have done several myself. I will nevertheless try and audit any commas that are out of place. Globaltraveller , 31 December UTC. It has been noted as a Good Article and has undergone an extensive Peer Review from which all of the issues I believe were taken care of.

I think this article meets all the FA criteria, if I may say modestly , as it is well written, comprehensive given the subject, factually accurate and supported by citations and other resources, it's neutral and stable, meets MOS issues, nice images especially an awesome map , and it's reasonably sized at a slender 42Kb.

I've run this article by User:Ruhrfisch who has two river-related FA's to his credit, Larrys Creek and White Deer Hole Creek and he has helped me improve it with his very exacting and scrutinizing eye which I thank him for immensely. I thank you in advance for your suggestions and your support.

As for the list-y problem, what do you think of adding context and perhaps splitting up the Flora and fauna section and distributing some of the information elsewhere in the article?

For example, what if the section header were instead Recreation and it had subsections on Bird watching with all but the game birds , Hunting with the game animals and birds , and Fishing with fish and insects? Some more information could be added on the hunting and fishing seasons and on the national rec. Hiking could be moved to a Recreation subsection with the non-game mammals and reptiles, as well as the wild plants and trees, or perhaps these could be in a subsection on the Protected areas.

The non-fish aquatic animals could be moved up to the dwarf wedgemussel section, and perhaps the amphibians could be there too. The farm plants could go in the Today section where farms are discussed.

I hope this idea helps at least start a useful discussion on improvement. Ruhrfisch , 17 December UTC. So far, I think all the issues have been addressed with the sole exception of the listy Flora and fauna section. Now there are two ideas on how to tackle that, and there are possibly others. If you could weigh in on what the preferrable method to tackle this in the next day or two, I'll be able to fix it before Christmas. Also, in addition, if you could take a second look at the article and its candidacy and examine whether the edits made in response to the FAC page comments address your concerns adequeately, I'd be much obliged.

Reply to replies Dates containing a month and a day are probably an exception to the general guideline of Wikipedia:Only make links that are relevant to the context. Because, "If a date includes both a month and a day, then the date should almost always be linked to allow readers' date preferences to work, displaying the reader's chosen format. However, I am not very efficient in discussing MoS policies. May be some more experienced Wikipedian can throw some light on it.

What I remember is that there had been FACs in the past where wikilinking dates containing a month and a day was an issue, and such dates were wikilinked.

The rationale is nicely described in the openning sentences of Wikipedia:Manual of Style dates and numbers : "Manual of Style, like all style guides, attempts to encourage consistency and ease of reading.

The guidelines here are just that: guidelines are not inflexible rules; one way is often as good as another, but if everyone does it the same way, Wikipedia will be easier to read, write and edit.

Let's see what comes out of the discussions started by ExplorerCDT. Conditional object The reason is: Dates containing both a month and a day should be wikilinked.

But the article does not. Please see the discussion above. Please resolve this by clarifying the basis for the objection in canonical policy. I used the peer review advice to get extensive details on this storm. I think it meets FA criteria now. Feel free to leave comments. This article reached GA status at the beginning of December. Since then it has been improved further and has received some positive comments in both a Biography peer review and a general peer review.

Thus I believe that it is ready to be nominated as a FAC. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. I'm resetting this nomination old nom. Much of the old nom pertained to the now totally rewritten formating at the end of the article it was bad before, it's very good now.

Raul , 20 December UTC ghjhygjghjghjghj56? I believe that the article is of sufficient quality to deserve FA status. It is well-sourced and very informative in addition to being well-organized. This needs serious copy-editing throughout. Tony , 9 December UTC. Tesson , 10 December UTC. Really folks, this does not compare to the other nation FAs. Now, why not try out our new League of copy-editors? Specify precision of expression, commas, and redundancies. Perhaps the Director is willing to wait another few days?

Tony , 29 December UTC. Provisional s Support This is a very good article. I hope you approve of my edits. The article has clearly benefited from the past few weeks of hard labour by its proposer and by the constructive commentators. Consequently the problems that I have with it are relatively small and if they can be addressed, I would give it my strong support. The LRL vector is important in celestial mechanics as a convenient method for describing the shape of an orbit , and was historically important in the first derivation of the hydrogen-atom spectrum using modern quantum mechanics.

It also reveals a subtle but beautiful symmetry of the Kepler problem, which is the problem of calculating the motion of two particles interacting by gravity or electrostatics. This article is stable, thoroughly referenced and has undergone scientific and non-scientific peer reviews. A translation of this article was voted recently to Good Article status without opposition on the Russian Wikipedia.

Although technical, the article has been written as accessibly as possible for the lay-reader. Willow , 31 December UTC. Good language, which has now been copyedited by myself and two other editors thanks Outriggr and Coil! Previous noms: here and here. Also peer reviewed twice, including one since the last FA nom here and here.

NPOV, sourced, and all that good stuff as well. I think after all this, its finally up to FA standards. Support as nominator and primary contributor. Wickethewok , 19 December UTC. DCGeist has written another featured article. See sound film for some of his other work. Compelling prose, proper citation, varied and appopriate images, what more do you want. Andman8 , 22 December UTC. Okie dokie, how's it looking now? The concensus is that it's looking good, feedback on this page has been acted upon AFAIK, if there is anything that is preventing this article from reaching FA status, please let me know, otherwise, if there is nothing preventing it, let's add another Featured Article to wikipedia!

Timeshift , 14 December UTC. Further down, at random: "It has been Australia's main centre-left party since and its ideology has greatly varied over time. January - The first free public school west of the Mississippi River was established in Tipton, Iowa. Can you remove these useless links? They dilute the important ones and make the page speckled blue. Tony , 20 December UTC.

I'm pretty sure that she's Queen of SA. This was clarified in the late 70s, I think. Tony , 22 December UTC. Anyway, please provide some explanation of "informal votes" since I have no idea what that means. Have replaced the lead with yours, with a few slight changes. Timeshift , 1 January UTC. It's just references.

Again, seriously, any controversial statements have been referenced and can clearly be read by the weblinks. Why must we split hairs? Timeshift , 4 January UTC. I also want to point out the fact how long i've spent on this project and the amount of hours i've put in to it, and to get various member's approval, yet at the last hurdle to find this glaring in my face. But I do see that many efforts have been made since i've last been online, and I do thank you for it.

It would be nice if this stumbling block could just disappear does that sound a bit selfish? I know it might sound like a whinge, it's just that i've put so much time in to this and to find the references are bung, is a bit disappointing From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The following is an archived discussion of a featured article nomination.

Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the article's talk page or in Wikipedia talk:Featured article review. No further edits should be made to this page. The article was promoted , 31 January Chelsea F. Buc , 21 January UTC Object - I think it's a very well-written article, and it kept my interest though it's not a topic that appeals to me.

However, even with 44 cites it is under referenced, and the refs that you do have need serious attention, as there is a lot of required information that is missing. The lead also needs expansion, in order to better reflect what is in the body of the article. It also, in my eyes, becomes sort of "table-ish" at the end. Lastly, I would like to know why it is a protected page--that certainly implies lack of stability. You realize it cant be protected when it's on the mainpage? Note that it has book references as well.

I think this looks OK, although I don't like the list of celebrity fans. Celebrity fan sections are notoriously unverifiable and fairly trivial.

Also note I mentioned there is information missing from the footnotes themselves. Glanvill , pp. Is that a book? An article? I see there is a book with that author in the "References" section. The info needs to be plugged into the footnotes, and left out of the references area. I'd be happy to fix this if you could tell me where references are needed, or better yet add "citation needed" tags to the article. In Popular culture: Paragraphs 3 and 4 I also noticed some prose problems.

Perhaps you want to copyedit for prose. Here is one example: which particularly came into its own during the s, s and s. That just sounds rather unencyclopedic, to my ears. I don't mean to be a grouch, and I did enjoy the article. I just feel it could use a few improvements.

SteveO , 21 January UTC Comment If a book is cited multiple times then only the first citation need be in full, all subsequent citations can be abbreviated to avoid clutter and reduce article size. It's just a case of looking up through the preceding footnotes until you find the matching full citation. Plenty of FAs employ this system, and I have reabbreviated many of the references accordingly. Qwghlm , 29 January UTC Conditional Support - I think it is harder to ref articles like this than some of the more scientific one.

I think it fulfils the criteria and is well balanced, comprehensive, neutral and readable. I've added cn tag where I think you ment them to be. I'll see what I can find. Buc , 21 January UTC Since the areas I mentioned had no references whatsoever, any additions would only be to the good.

I also noticed an external jump in the Crests section. You should either use that as a reference, or add it to the external links. Jumps are frowned upon in articles on Wikipedia. Except one about Ken Bates being advised he hadn't acquired copyright, which I couldn't find anything for. I'm on the verge of supporting, could you just tidy up a few things: The club began with It could be rephrased perhaps into two sentences to say their success was limited: certain things were good, certain things were bad.

Chelsea were, at the nadir of their fortune - is the wiktionary link necessary? Could we just assume people know what it means? Or use a simpler word? Bates finally reunited - can we have a more specific date than "finally"? The north, west and southern parts of the ground were converted into all-seater stands and moved closer to the pitch, and the current legal capacity of Stamford Bridge is 42, - abrupt switch from history to current detail, which could be improved.

Chelsea are generally a well-supported club - are they sometimes not then? I don't think "generally" adds anything new. Very good article. I am perfectly capable of striking my own remarks, if I feel the matters have been addressed to my satisfaction. The sentence about the main road and railway line making constraints for further expansion need a reference.

I can't see anything eles though. The lead has also been expanded per Jeffpw's comments. SteveO , 23 January UTC The article now has 62 references and all of the above objections seem to have been rectified. Are there any further comments? The bottom of the page looks cluttered as it is.

How is it now? Several are described in the second paragraph. What do others think? Not sure if the Full Members Cup should be in there. But whether fans will embrace the new music and lineup is another story. The song was released as a free download just two weeks after the announcement of Ms.

The first tweet came 22 seconds after the song was released, Mr. Jones said, and within 17 minutes the song was being played on BBC radio. It has been downloaded more than , times and its video has had 1. And their cover songs on the b-sides collection? Awesome Pixies parody from the twisted brain of Chris Morris: I wanna stick my spear in a stingray's ear. The new EP. Good stuff, imo. Best thread ITF nominee. Pixies' internal variance even counts as politics imo.

I love the Pixies to death. I was gonna post Alec Eiffel before I saw it up there. Here's an eerie one, not sure if it's been posted yet. Ya'll slacking. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is PM. Computer Technical Help Programming. Pixies rule. User Name. Depending on your delineation, the Quabbin region including Athol, see below is sometimes put into this area There's also quite a bit of suburban sprawl down in the southwestern corner, particularly in Agawam, Longmeadow, and Wilbraham.

Come for the caldo verde and malasadas, stay for the abandoned mill buildings, dirty needles, and endless rows of check-cashing outlets and rent-to-own stores if you're not passing through on your way to Rhode Island or Cape Cod.

The only reason there's anything to do at all what little there even ''is'' to do is the fact that if you live here, you almost definitely work in Boston and are probably sick of seeing it, ergo you don't want to go back on the weekends. There's a good chance that you drink Marylou's instead of Dunks on your way to work. Give Brockton a very wide berth. Cod, and endless rows of cranberry bogs and old farmland if you're heading through the rural areas. Keep in mind, of course, that this is also LovecraftCountry.

Some depictions will draw upon the region's history of religious fundamentalism see NewEnglandPuritan. I'm gonna. Do you a favor [you] gonna let a brother go. No not Gonna do that [I]? Said well what the fuck is it then?

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It's all the same. It could be a Top 10 hit or a dog food commercial. I can't tell. Season 3 Season 2 Season 1. Below is the complete list of every podcast in season 3. In addition to a description and tracklist, it is also possible to download the podcasts directly i. Simply right-click and save the MP3 please don't stream if possible- it eats our bandwidth.

You are for naming all good bands, yes. Brothers In Arms was a good album. I used to own it on Vinyl. Fuck knows why I sold it. Oh I remember now, I lost some money on a hand at poker 4 years ago.. Never took much notice of The Specials really, not a big ska fan but I did see a pretty good ska band once at a festival in Nijmegen.

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  1. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Black Francis at the Discogs Marketplace. Stöbern. Discover. Explore All; Trending Releases; List Explorer Black Francis: Live In Nijmegen 2 versionen: Not On Label (Black Francis Self-released) Black Francis: She Took All The Money.
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Memory Stick release of Live In Nijmegen on Discogs.
  3. She smelled of daisies, she smelled of daisies She drive me crazy, she drive me crazy Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane Slow building romance song with a unique, if strange sounding vocalist, but cool nonetheless.
  4. “Memory is what we are. Your very soul and your very reason to be alive are tied up in memory.” Nick Cave. Sunday, November 17, The Diary of Black Francis By Black Francis during The Pixies' tour In Nice they drill a hole down a baguette and stick a hot dog in it. Frickin' great. BARCELONA JUNE 3 Disappointment. After years Author: Brush Box.
  5. All for the Beatles ist ein Rock-’n’-Roll-Song aus dem Jahr , den Harry Nilsson zusammen mit John Marascalco geschrieben hat. Neu!!: The Beatles und All for the Beatles · Mehr sehen» All My Loving. All My Loving (‚Meine ganze Liebe‘) ist ein Lied der britischen Band .
  6. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Black Francis - Live In Nijmegen at Discogs. Complete your Black Francis collection/5(4).
  7. Gene Clark, _74, Boxed Set - Unreleased Studio Takes, Rare Releases, Alternate Takes and some choice Live Cuts - flac - 7CD - CLARK-1 Gene Clark, 02/17/75, Shopie's, Palo Alto, CA - .
  8. For how long is anybody's guess, but join us as we struggle to get you up to date with all the latest happenings in the Frank Black Francis universe and dish out the usual goodies, banter, and banality. And, did I mention, dabble in the world of Enhanced Podcasts. Let us know what you think!

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