Seeds - Pit Spector - Eponyme E.P.

The title track is a stripped back affair, powered by lopsided wayward drums and watery, filtered sounds. Finally, "Libra" sees Hamid go farther off the radar.

Fuelled by jazzy licks and subtle metallic percussion, it has touches of old Swayzak - the synths have the same melancholic air - and the edgy experimental feeling of classic Perlon.

That he manages to unite these two elements is to Hamid's credit. Dolce Vita EP. On the evidence of Dolce Vita for French minimal house label Minibar, he wants to focus on deep, textured house music. The title track rides a dub-influenced bass, cavernous and spacious, against which he adds swirling, dreamy textures that swirl and ebb throughout the arrangement.

On "Consultation", he ventures even farther down the tripped out path. Powered by a gently rolling rhythm, the combination of jazzy licks and swirling soundscapes create the kind of hypnotic feeling that characterizes the work of producers like Substance. Only Happiness EP. Denis Kaznacheev. Snowball Warming EP. First, we have "Workin' Out" which is a deep and hypnotic affair that is suited to the warm up or afterhours alike, with its rolling bass tones and intricately immaculate rhythm programming doing all the work perfectly over it's eight-minute duration.

You'd wish it would never end! A collage of glitchy samples and sound design is backed by a smooth deep house groove; chugging along steadily but not concerned with peaks yet setting the mood for effective trance induction of the most pleasant kind. Beat 2CV EP. So what have they conjured up? Well, opener "Jaipascaley" is deliciously muddy, skewed and bass-heavy, sitting somewhere between creepy Parisian tech-house, Lobster Theremin style breakbeat-house fare and drowsy, late night deep house.

Crimson EP. Substance EP. Pit Spector. Menibar EP. Ask Open-ended Questions : Category : Tell me, how are your energy drinks selling right now? Consumer : How many customers actually make it back to your cold vault where you keep the energy drinks. What would you say are your most heavily trafficked areas? Competition : How are you competing with other stores in the area to capture more energy drink sales?

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  1. Review: With just three releases to his credit, Hamid Benmessaoud has already carved out an impressive sound. The title track is a stripped back affair, powered by lopsided wayward drums and watery, filtered sounds. "I'd Like to Be" is more in keeping with Minibar's trademark approach, as muffled vocals and dubbed out drums are woven over a jerky rhythm.
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  4. pit spector comes back with a second solo ep on minibar. the first one is amazing, the second one is too. working for years on various musical projects (antislash, avas verden, cellule eat, radiozerozero), pit presents a really personal release witnessing his work in studio. the results are mental and dancy tracks mixing instruments and.
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  7. The latest Tweets from e.p.e.p. (@e_mi__). ときどきブローチ作家。通販⇨ reggae.shakalkreemalaramaralsarana.infoinfo 高円寺Followers:
  8. Detailed micro-disco sounds from debuting artist Pit Spector, who opens up with 'Miri', a track pinned together by a solid, unwavering beat, but peppered with glistening, bell-like tones and various other edits. 'Seeds' and 'Repeat' take a similar structure but going even further down the route of edits, chopping up various sliced 'n' diced funk sounds. Finally, the Antislash remix of 'Repeat.

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