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Respect M. Remix " " 9th Inning " " Triple Threat " " Burnitup! Static Major Smoke Black. Cheers 2 U. Discography Production discography Awards. Timbaland Magoo. Indeed, internal emails reveal a concerted effort to back the Broward sheriff to the hilt, as evidence mounts of his stupefying incompetence, indifference, and sheer arrogance.

From the linked CNN interview, try these nuggets: the sheriff denies any obligation to review the event video — which he says may NEVER be released to the public ; he flatly rejects accountability for anything he did not actually know; and he even manages — NOT making this up — to slip O. Simpson would still be in the record books. Earth to idiot sheriff: O. The full CNN interview transcript, rich with outlandish assertions, merits a full read.

Bottom Line. There is a good chance that some things will be done. The most effective measures are likely to be local — actions by parents, by schools, and by authorities, such as just happened in Rochester, NY and in Florida. And while the National Rifle Association will have to give some ground, so will its enemies.

Parkland is the billboard ad for government failure at all levels, and thus the last example to cite in promoting broad-gauged gun control. Federal measures like background check may help at times, but often not.

The best gun measure could be to arm teachers, in that they may be more willing to care for their charges than outside professionals, as was the case in Parkland. Media coverage will usually shed more heat than light on any highly emotional, politically, and culturally divisive issue, ditching traditional culture for what Gov. Matt Bevin R-KY calls 6 min. Given widely diverse and complex situations at the state level, a laboratory approach firmly grounded in constitutional federalism is best.

John C. Wohlstetter is author of Sleepwalking With the Bomb 2d Ed. Subscribe Login Logout Edit Account. About Authors Events Contact Submissions. Retrieved 15 April Retrieved 12 October Sound of Boston. Retrieved 29 October Archived from the original on 23 February Archived from the original on 7 April These guns are being used on behalf of the state , an institution whose very nature is to have a monopoly on the use of violence.

To even suggest that violence should be de-institutionalized in our world would be to raise the specter of a major paradigm shift in our thinking; the kind of transformation that worshipers of the nation-state would be unable to make. And yet, as the aforesaid three-party conversation goes on amongst our conscious and unconscious voices, the energies of the life-force become increasingly vocal. Those who continue to identify themselves with the nation-state will be disinclined to see their revered system as any kind of wrongdoer, for to do would implicate themselves as wrongdoers.

Most people are decent enough to oppose the killing of others. But when soldiers and police officers engage in the intentional killing of noncombatants unrelated to the conduct of war — or, in the case of police officers, of persons who pose no threat to others — most people would, at least privately, disapprove of such acts.

But as such actors are doing the work of the state — which involves employing violence against others — it becomes difficult for those who identify themselves with the state to offer criticism. Inner voices that might simultaneously condemn acts of murder when carried out by private persons, while excusing those done by agents of the state with which they identify themselves, generate a subtle confusion.

How can the chaos that arises from trying to harmonize irreconcilable premises be eliminated? I suspect that minds that are unable to withdraw from the collective mindset wherein these psychic conflicts are bred and nourished, may quite unconsciously find a convenient scapegoat in the tools of death employed by both private and governmental killers.

Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Remember when SUVs were demonized as planet killers approximately 15 to 20 years ago? Yet SUVs currently appear more popular than ever, and all is quiet on the gas-guzzler front. What happened?

KXM 'Burn' Guitar Cover George Lynch Korn, King's X, Lynch Mob - Duration: 5 minutes, 12 seconds.

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  1. How did ARs become the plastic straws of the gun world? It’s simple: Demagogues need scapegoats. Yet just as banning plastic straws won’t make a .
  2. According to the philosopher René Girard, owing to human nature, envy gradually builds up in a society until it reaches a tipping point, at which order and reason cede to mob rule, chaos, and.
  3. Compilation appearances: "Sterility" on The Tomb of Grind (Noise-Squatch Records, copies, ).
  4. Discography; Members; Similar Artists; Related Links; Complete discography; Main; Lives; Demos; Misc. Complete lineup; Last known lineup; Past members; Last known See also: ex-Gun Mob Past Frank Hörsch: Bass () See also: ex-Gun Mob, ex-Hellström Benjamin Hintz: Drums () See also: ex-Gun Mob, ex-Hellström.
  5. Over 70 Minutes raw Hardcorepunk the way it was in the early 80s. The discography from "German ultra-hardcore band SCAPEGOATS. The CD contains material from the complete bandperiod, like the unreleased "Marbostel Demo", Rehearsals from 82 until 86, plus material from the "Last Attack" and "Pogo Lebt" Sessions, a live show and the ultrarare Kuolema Session from

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