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Attempt to sync sat content to a capsule. It may or may not help to reproduce this if you have two servers over wide geographical locations 2. Wait 3. View results.

Actual results: In the synchronize process On a filesystem where you expand 20MB tarballs, the write performance may be less important than the number of files you can create per second.

The file metadata benchmarks are also important if you are planning to run a Squid web proxy or a mail server using the maildir format to store each email in a single file. Such applications perform many file metadata-intensive operations, and often each of the individual files are fairly small, meaning that bulk transfer speeds do not play as much of a role as metadata updates.

The metadata benchmarks are also important if you are creating a new filesystem on top of a RAID device. Journaling filesystems can use write barriers to protect their journaled metadata. If you are using a hardware card to provide RAID functionality, these barriers might force the entire cache on the RAID card and all disks assembled into the RAID on that card to be synced, which can lead to extremely poor performance.

As a real-world example, an Adaptec port card with a RAID-6 and XFS using barriers can support less than file creates per second in tests I recently performed.

Explicitly disabling barriers in XFS when mounting the same filesystem gives closer to 6, file creates per second. The number of seeks per second should be fairly bound by your hardware. For example, I configured a single disk volume, a RAID-0 stripe set with two disks and with six disks. The single disk could get about seeks per second, the two-disk stripe could perform seeks per second, while and the six-disk could perform seeks per second.

However, the device path is liable to be different on another computer, or even on the same computer if, for example, another USB disk is attached. You can get around this potential problem by referring to the partitions using their Universally Unique Identifiers UUID , which you can determine by running the following command:. The other main problem is with the X server i. If the hardware involved display adapter, screen, keyboard, pointing device, etc.

It would be nice to avoid this when switching from one computer to the other. This should work as long as autodetection was selected for the display adapter and screen during the last time the X server was reconfigured interactively such as during the installation process.

You may experience problems in other areas, such as networking, but otherwise this setup should work as is on most machines. It only took a straightforward install and minor modifications to a few files to get create a bootable live encrypted external hard drive. Sign in. When a user is ready to report a bug, he first logs in, then goes to the Report Issue screen. Next, specify the project, whether the error can be reproduced always, sometimes, or randomly, for example , its importance from minor to blocking, but you can also include here suggestions for new features or enhancements , a short summary, and a full description.

Developers can see the status of all issues at a glance. Mantis encodes the issues with colors, so you can quickly spot all changes and novelties.

The status for issues can be:. Mantis includes many sort and filter options to help developers locate a specific issue. From that page, developers can add notes, send reminders, change status, and more. Managers get full tracking information and can assign or reassign issues to developers, monitor specific issues, check on delays, and change priorities. If a bug report is a duplicate of or otherwise related to an existing one, they can link it to the original one.

In certain cases, the synchronize will fail with no indication on the UI. If this is seen, please run foreman-debug on the server and submit a support request with the output of that command.

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  4. Jul 01,  · Author: Ben Martin Bonnie++ allows you to benchmark how your filesystems perform various tasks, which makes it a valuable tool when you are making changes to how your RAID is set up, how your filesystems are created, or how your network filesystems perform. Bonnie++ is available for openSUSE as a 1-Click, for Ubuntu Hardy, [ ].

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