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If you did something that makes you feel less normal than other people, or insane, you are in the right place. Here you can understand if you must go see someone or if you don't. Don't forget that everybody is a little insane,so your results may show you you do not have to worry. Still others become addicted to drugs, illicit and prescription. Feeling misunderstood and uncared about, millions of us ultimately rebel against societal demands, however, given our wherewithal, our rebellions are often passive and disorganized, and routinely futile and self-destructive.

When we have hope, energy and friends, we can choose to rebel against societal oppression with, for example, a wildcat strike or a back-to-the-land commune. But when we lack hope, energy and friends, we routinely rebel without consciousness of rebellion and in a manner in which we today commonly call mental illness. Living in America will drive you insane -- literally Data suggests the US is experiencing an epidemic of crippling mental illness.

We may have only ourselves to blame Related Articles. Show Comments. Trending Articles. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. Jackie's Delirium. Jackie Cane [Bonus Disc]. Too Much Information. Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings. Absolutely Bill's Mood. Get promoted. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. Beautifully Insane. Driving You Insane. Imagine these things are ripples across a pond.

I tried cognitive-behavioral therapy for my anxiety and it made it worse, but many people find it helpful. It's good to recognize that not every therapist can help every person and so if you see one who isn't helping you, try a different therapist. I found a Gestalt therapist helpful. If you drink a cup of coffee a day or a couple servings of tea, that's probably not affecting your anxiety.

How do you become insane? What are the symptoms of this disorder? The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. C2 mentally ill :. For the last ten years of his life he was clinically insane. C1 extremely unreasonable or stupid :.

It would be insane not to take advantage of this opportunity. The fact is, most musicians, actors and actresses, athletes and other types of entertainers, are not worth the kind of ridiculously absurd money they make. Does anyone need eight homes?

John Lennon did once say, r, that at one time, hearing many in a massive peace demonstration singing "Give Peace a Chance", it moved him greatly, so I don't think he could have been a complete asshole, but I agree many of the "celebrities" you mention, especially "athletes" are paid obscene amounts of money they don't need or deserve. I've always said, show me a humble athlete and I'll show you a female pope. You actually think only formally trained musicians can be better at music?

What a ridiculous proclamation. I know several people who studied at Julliard, they are horrible at composition. They were in orchestras for years playing the music of others, which was not their intention.

The sheer fact that the Beatles were not formally trained made them even more amazing. You just don't get it. Comparing music genres shouldn't even come into play here, because there can not be a comparison. I personally would not compare the world's best opera singer with the world's best rock singer, because the fact is, you can't!

From your post, you seem to think classical music should be the only type of music which should stand the test of time? People are still listening to these musicians. Many here have been quite eloquent in their explanations as to why they think the Beatles were important to POP culture, many even added actual facts to back up their points.

I didn't see any posts saying, "I love The Beatles, so, go fuck yourself! Beatles snobs They had some good songs but also plenty of overrated mediocre and shitty ones as well. R, they learned to play and compose by ear, which, as R pointed out, makes what they did all the more impressive. I don't get this "generated by a studio" nonsense. They wrote the songs, and worked out their own arrangements. They were using "Aeolian Cadences" before they even knew there was a term for such a thing.

It's confounding as to why you think only classically trained musicians are capable of creating brilliant music, or that "pop" music can't be sophisticated and transcendent.

Read any of the dozens of books dedicated to the compositional aspect of The Beatles' music if you're looking for something to "back it up. There's a reason why composers like Copland and Bernstein loved and respected The Beatles' music.

They weren't bogged down by myopic musical snobbery as you seem to be, R R it was spoken from the heart. I stand by everything I said.

They were a formidable part of my life This sounds very silly I know and it certainly dates me as being in my late fifties but I remember my freshman year in college sitting in someones dorm room and playing What was on the flip side. We would name a Beastles single and then would name what was on the B side.

Most of the Beatles' early stuff was teeny pop trash, direct predecessors to the Jonas Brothers and One Direction. Their mid-phase works created an acid-fueled prepubescent fantasy world within the brains of their listeners.

Their very final recordings were for the most part just cheap sentimentality. And your average Joe tends to like these things. A lot. There is something so silly, so stupid, just so A post like this is clearly bait for the uneducated, the pretentious, and queens who will slobber over Sondheim and turn thier noses up on the beauty of "Beatles They have staying power.

Plain and simple. All the shit that has come after them. Not much has endured. Not much at all. Many of you confuse sales with quality. I'm not saying the Beatles were not a great pop band, but the truth is the massive marketing helped.

Those screaming girls were bused to JFK, they didn't go on their own. THAT accounts for a lot of their "enduring popularity. Everyone has plenty of shitty songs. A lot of reverence for The Beatles comes from nostalgia. Most white baby boomers still lover their stuff. I never loved them myself, and I'm from the era. Their early records have good tunes and energy, but most of the time they sound too cute and pop-ish, even bubble-gummy for me.

This triggered the "British Invasion" and the rest is history. You cannot understand the impact of the Beatles without taking a look at what pop music was like in the early s just before they arrived. Connie Francis sounding like air leaking from a balloon Bobby Rydell King, Roy Obison, and the great girl groups Try to listen to it without clawing your face.

They're overrated and while they definitely do have some great songs, MOST of them are average or shitty but as usual, the white kiddies like average to shitty songs in general. Heck, my Mom grew up in that era and she is reasonable about it-she likes some of their songs but not others. She was overall a fan, but not a stan. I wish more people were like that.

Nothing is more annoying than people who were born after that era who view the Beatles as some kind of music gods though Is that because you don't know anything about it? Because you're only 30 that's why you're questioning it. Never again will there ever be a group like The Beatles which created "Beatlemania". You're 30 and questioning it. You're a child and an idiot. Do you're research and find out what made them the Best! I've never heard this before. Is it true? Can you provide a link, or are you just making this shit up?

How else do you think they got there? Mummy drove them? There were promotions on all of the NY radio stations. Scrub all Music from your Memory. Then look at BillBoards Top starting at Get yourself familiar with those songs.

This music snap shot in time Then Look At and listen to those songs. Then as you get to and The Beatles sounded like no other Band An achievement unlikely to EVER be equalled. It quite difficult to convince the last few generations of music fans These musicians were so great, and transcend time, their music is still being listened to today as well as being covered by current musicians, it also explains why so many bands are going back to the s for their 'own' sound and for 'inspiration'.

Hipsters seem to have no clue about most of the music they are listening to, they think these new bands are actually the originators of the sounds they are hearing. Not a hipster fave, but an example is Beyonce, she's a throwback to the female Motown bands of the s, the groups who wore elaborate dresses and had choreographed dance routines.

The only difference is, Beyonce is more a Las Vegas act than the female Motown groups were, she moves around more, she basically puts on more of a show. Do you see the show when you put on her CD? One of the best things about the Beatles story is that they weren't able to diminish their legacy by returning. Ok, OP. Convince me why Nirvana was such a wonderful thing to happen to music.

As far as I can see, the music industry has disintegrated into nothing since they shat all over the scene. Beatles tribute from hell! There were no pyrotechnics, no laster light shows, no twirling around on a trapeze while lip syncing to their lastest tune a la Pink at the Grammies.

With the exception of Macklemore, what current pop artist uses their music to talk about controversial issues. The Beatles were just so different from the music we'd heard up through the end of And it was good, original, tuneful music. And because we associated it with the Kennedy assassination, we were sick to death of the music we heard at the end of The Beatles were a gift to us from England as turned into , and they were only the beginning of the British Invasion. Nothing helped us out of the sadness of our mutual American psyche at that time as much as the Beatles.

It was a completely different sound from the American Rock n Roll hits of early It was also the immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, as young kids tried to move on and experience something new. They have [italic]SOME great songs but plenty of shit songs that became hits too. People act like everything they did was amazing-it wasn't. Music was the most important element of being a teen back then.

None of the social media or other distractions that teens now embrace. There was a dance at school every week. Car radio, home radio, phonographs - all were tuned in. It's what we talked about, thought about - what made us teens. Crossed all barriers. Their lyrics were also extremely irrelevant. Nobody can really understand the half of them Well, OP? What's your reasonable explanation for how Nirvana changed music? I'm dying to hear it.

In popular music, they simply did everything firsthand, From writing their own music to putting their lyrics on the cover of their most influential album, St. They were capable musicians if not technically great. But they got the most out of their instruments without the help of modern electronics. Every album reached a new level of greatness which could not be matched by their peers.

Above all they were witty and likable. Their work is simply magnificent and timeless. Early Beatles are fab. All around, truly innovate. Yet, I get burnt out on listening to them at times, and their are periods when I stop playing their music.

Did they have some catchy songs? Did they have a few deeper songs? That's it. More than half of the Beatles biggest hits aren't anything profound. A lot of their songs are drug-created shit. None of them were ever good looking. None of them were great singers. They can all sing in an acceptable fashion but certainly not amazing vocalists. They played instruments decently. Boomers loved the rebellious spirit and look of the group with their hair and clothes. The media has hyped them up to no end.

After Elvis they were the second example of what media hype can do for a music career. They could sing. They actually played musical instruments.

They wrote their own music. They were different from the generations before them. They were genuinely humorous and playful. They were curious and experimental and relevant to their time.

They didn't have auto tune and extensive photoshopping of an "image. R They may not have had autotune, but they did use studio trickery,available in the studio, to make their vocals sound better, just sayin!! Uninformed, uneducated and uncultured types should really go fuck themselves before posting their ignorance on this thread.

A fairly rare live version. I'm not e The Beatles were not great, they were a grotesquely overrated boy band. Brian Epstein was a marketing and promotional genius. After he died it all fell apart. What a cluck. Enough Beatle worship.

I personally prefer the beach boys and James Brown. Let's face facts. The Beatles came along right after the Kennedy assassination. We Americans were in moratorium and mourning. Our young hot president had just been about. Then along comes four white guys in suits they borrowed the style from our popular Motown singing groups screaming like little Richard and James Brown - who they admitted to admiring and ripping off.

And all of a sudden teenage girls can scream again. It was timing that made them so famous. I agree they are good songwriters. But really they were just the first packaged boy band. Hardly original though My younger cousins all learn to sing Beatles songs in school. Yellow Submarine is big with preschoolers and stuff like Yesterday gets sung at school pageants and all. R you think that in the early 60s only Motown performers were wearing suits?

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  2. Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music. Also in George Carlin published “Napalm & Silly Putty”, a sequel to his bestseller. The new book included the same quip about dancing, but this time Carlin explicitly disclaimed credit: Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the.
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  4. May 08,  · I try to stop doing things or saying things but I just can't. I don’t trust people and I don’t like to open up but i’ve began to think that I need serious help. I shared some of the.
  5. Jan 07,  · Now lets put Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin under the insane microscope - 6 January – 27 April , Russian composer and pianist Oh, by the way I just wanted to add, Arensky's music is brilliant. If his insanity destroyed him in most other ways, his music thrived because of it. His music is notable for its unusually high optimism.
  6. Mar 11,  · Today we went on a pretty crazy trip with the whole family. Actually this was a CRAZY trip!! We dove, snorkeled, scuba dived and caught some insane video of .

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