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But when external forces have an interest in keeping the parties warring, then the chances for peace and stability are reduced. I gather that when you speak of centralised tyranny you are referring to institutions like the UN, the EU and so forth? Your conclusion is spot on and of course, I agree with you on Israel.

If I could vote, I'd say this was a good start. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. Good luck :D. I also like to refer to international institutionalism as "utopianism," which is, obviously a failure. Thank you for the welcome! Caleb, You're welcome, man. And yes, it is an obvious failure but you know they will hang on to it because it is a jobs machine. Who would want to lose their job? Welcome, Caleb.

Hi Anonymous, I am so glad to see that you agree with my point exactly! Do you know how much money the US sends the PA every year? Mind- boggling Obviously we also know of the fake distinction between the terrorists of Hamas and the "sensible people" of the PA.

Besides the US, the EU has not even put the political arm of Hamas on the official list of terrorist groups! According to the public relations office of the 33rd FIFF, three movies from three different sections were shown on the first day of the festival, only a few hours after the opening ceremony in Mellat Cinema Complex, Tehran. The movie premiered in the 64th Berlin Film Festival. New York: Southern History Company, ; pg. Archived from the original on October 28, Retrieved Accessed October 29, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

University of Missouri—Columbia. Retrieved June 15, Archived from the original on July 24, Winter Journal of Social History. Archived from the original on June 7, For instance, the files at Tuskegee Institute contain the most comprehensive count of lynching victims in the United States, but they only refer to the lynching of fifty Mexicans in the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

Our own research has revealed a total of victims during the same time period. July 10, Fitzhugh Lynching in the New South: Georgia and Virginia, — Urbana: University of Illinois Press. Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, — Journal of American Studies.

The New York Times. Retrieved January 22, University of Georgia Press. Chicago Tribune. Archived from the original on Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Emerson, Christian Smith Retrieved September 3, Accessed March 10, Women and Social Movements in the United States, — The Atlantic.

JHU Press. June 6, Retrieved 10 August Federal Bureau of Investigation. Archived from the original on December 24, Retrieved 3 September Journal of Development Economics. Explorations in Economic History. Princeton University Press, pp.

Archived from the original on May 24, Spiegel Online. Geschichte und Erinnerung. Der Lynchmord im Sinne sich selbstmobilisierender Kommunen und Stadtviertel war dagegen die Ausnahme. Episode 2. Event occurs at Deutsche Welle TV. Public anger erupted. Soldiers were lynched in the streets including young recruits proven to have been deceived by their generals about the true intentions of the attack. The Wall Street Journal. December 6, Shoichet; Richard Beltran.

Retrieved 9 September Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved January 17, December 24, Retrieved March 22, Human Rights Watch. January 8, Retrieved November 6, The Guardian. Guardian Newspapers Limited. Archived from the original on 8 October Retrieved 22 March Deutsche Welle. Retrieved September 14, The Daily Telegraph. Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Archived from the original on April 18, Jagged Edge follows a high-profile defense lawyer trying to prove the innocence of Jack Forrester, a man accused of murdering his wife. While she manages to win the case, she learns in the finale that Jack was in fact guilty the whole time. X2: X-Men United : Magneto, who, right after saving the mutants of the world, can't resist seizing the opportunity to use Stryker's technique against humanity.

Marcus also wanted to sacrifice the crew of the Enterprise just so he could jump start a war with the Klingons. Not the only example either. John Harrison, the terrorist that Admiral Marcus sent the Enterprise crew after who seems like he's actually an okay guy being manipulated by Marcus just like the heroes?

Turns out that he is Khan Noonien Singh. And he's out for revenge on the entire Federation for what Marcus did to him. Not too surprising if you catch a certain Chekhov's Gun , but it's a blink-and-you-miss-it shot and easily overlooked.

Toward the end of The Wailing , Il-Gwang tells Jong-Goo that he made a mistake when identifying who is behind the curse of the village. He thought it was the Japanese hermit, when it was in fact the nameless woman in white who appeared to Jong-Goo at the start. However, the ending reveals that he was lying and 'he' was the secretly evil one. Edwin from Predators seems for most of the movie to be fairly normal compared to the rest of the cast of killers, in fact Royce points out that he doesn't seem to belong, but near the end he reveals himself to be a Serial Killer back home who wants to stay on the Yautja's hunting planet because he liked it better there.

In Dragon Bones , there is Bastilla, the slave, who turns out to have been working for the enemy all along. There's also Landislaw, but that's not as big a surprise, as his morality is portrayed as quite questionable from the beginning, and he never works together with the heroes.

Turns out he was the Big Bad all along and giving lots of people information about the Jedi in the hopes of luring them to touch his Essence Stealer , hoping one of them would be Force Sensitive so he could study their essence and what made it different. In Gone Girl , we spend the first half of the novel believing that Amy is an innocent victim in circumstances beyond her control. As it turns out, Amy is the Diabolical Mastermind behind the whole thing.

Harry Potter Subverted: it appears that Snape was evil all along after he kills Dumbledore. A more straight example: Peter Pettigrew, a. Ron's pet rat Scabbers, who turns out to be the one who betrayed Harry's parents to Voldemort and concealed himself as a rat for 12 years, leaving his friend Sirius Black to receive the blame.

Professor Quirrell in the first book seemed to be just an ordinary, shy, teacher who wore a turban just because. Turns out, he's really a minion of Voldemort who wears a turban to hide the fact that Voldemort is on the back of his head. In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Dephini reveals herself as the true villain of the story by casually murdering an innocent Hogwarts student, and claiming to be the daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange.

After being proven to be on the good guys' side by the end of the James Bond novel Nobody Lives for Ever , Sukie Tempesta returns in COLD , only to be revealed to be in cahoots with the book's Big Bad alongside with her now criminal family , to the point of planning to actually marry him. The hows and whys relating to this revelation is swept aside by having her suddenly be insane.

Nicolae Carpathia in the Left Behind books, though nobody but the Tribulation Force and those who have once been in Nicolae's close circle of friends really know just how evil Nicolae is under the public persona he projected up to the midpoint of the Tribulation. In Jack Vance 's The Gray Prince , the eponymous Prince was a childhood friend to heroine Schaine; and for most of the book she firmly keeps in mind that, whatever his present political views , he once saved her brother's life.

And then it turns out he in fact hated their family to the point of deliberately allowing her brother to be horribly injured and only claimed credit for the deed later. Only Harry knows the truth. Three books later, he reveals himself to be the Vampaneeze Lord himself. Subverted with Kurda Smahlt who first appears to be The Mole for the vampaneeze but later turns out to have been trying to forge an alliance to spare the vampires from an upcoming war. The vampires don't find this out until after they've killed everyone.

Was revealed to be manipulating them for her own ends. She had no problem on driving Lissa to suicide. Brandon Sanderson : Warbreaker : Played with, though not exactly subverted, as Denth the mercenary, who has been leading princess Vivenna in her quest to overthrow the government of T'Telir under the pretense of following her orders , betrays her, murders her best friend, and tries to steal her Breath. She is surprised, but since he had been warning her the entire time that he could not be trusted , she felt kinda stupid, too.

Best line: "Do you know what I hate most about being a mercenary, Princess? Fulfilling the stereotypes. Everyone assumes they can't trust you. The thing is, they really can't. He's not terribly evil as Big Bads go- the book casts him as a Well-Intentioned Extremist and Word of God describes him as a good man who got carried away- but he's still the ultimate mastermind behind the threats facing the protagonists, and the kingdoms of Hallandren and Idris more generally.

The Stormlight Archive : King Taravangian is presented as a kindly, if somewhat scatterbrained, authority figure who is famous for sponsoring hospitals in his city-state. He's actually The Chessmaster behind at least one of the major conspiracies active in Roshar and his hospitals are a cover to allow him to study the prophetic statements people have sometimes started making immediately before death.

Sadeas is a lesser example. While he was always evil, he put on a good show of being a Well-Intentioned Extremist trying to protect the king and kingdom in his own way.

Then he abandons his oldest friend and thousands of soldiers to die, all so he could be the king's sole adviser. In the second book, he admits to himself that he's going to kill the king himself when the time comes, all for his own personal power and bloodlust. Literal bloodlust, too—his primary motivation is that he only feels alive when killing people. In the final chapter of the final book in the Sundered Lands series, it's revealed that Percy is in fact Grinder Prickleback, the hedgehog who unintentionally blew up the world and is hellbent on seeking all six crowns so he can Take Over the World.

He wastes no time betraying Trundle and Esmeralda once his true intentions are revealed. Only later are they revealed as having been working for Raguel - who seeks to wipe out most of human population in the world - all along, and while Bogardius has Heel Realization , Violette goes on to become a Mouth of Sauron for Raguel. Starting with Windmills of the Gods , Sidney Sheldon became fond of this trope; between that and the ten novels that followed, seven of them involve at least one character who turns out to be this, serving as the Big Bad or the Big Bad's accomplice.

An eighth book, Tell Me Your Dreams , has the heroine turn out to have an alternate personality that's "stalking" her and gruesomely murdering men, making her a debatable case of this trope.

Live-Action TV. Jack somewhat during his Rogue Agent period in Day 8 is debatable. There are some hints that lean toward the former, including a "I was perfectly fine settling with justice, but that was taken from me!

In Agents of S. Arrow : In Season Four, John Diggle's supposedly dead younger brother Andy is revealed to be still alive, and a member of the terrorist organization H. Worse, evidence slowly mounts that he was a villain long before he was "recruited" into H. His arc explores whether or not he was always evil and if he can be redeemed. He demonstrates he is truly evil by betraying the group, directly leading to Laurel's murder by Damien Darhk. He even taunts John about it and threatens to kill the rest of his family before being gunned down by his enraged brother.

In Season Five, seeming ally Adrian Chase, the best known Vigilante in the comics, is revealed to actually be Prometheus — and what's more, his real name is Simon Morrison , and his entire arc is a deranged gambit to destroy Oliver.

Vigilante is revealed early in the next season to be an unrelated character. Ash vs. Invoked in an episode of Bewitched. A chimp Samantha turns human lands a spot in an ad campaign for cologne and makes an immediate impression on Larry Tate and his client. Samantha, however, intends to take him back to his owner and suggests that, in order to get fired, he show his true colors, which he does by biting one of the crew behind the project among other things. Charmed 's Christy Jenkins is rescued from years of being locked in a cave by demons.

It turns out she's now working with them to corrupt her sister, so they can kill the Halliwells. Boyd Langdon in Dollhouse. Turns out he was secretly the Big Bad all along and running a ridiculously complex Evil Plan with Echo and co. And he seemed like such a nice guy. Although he wasn't completely evil. He was more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist in the end. The Flash : While Harrison Wells in Season One is obviously shady from the start, it's slowly revealed that not only is he the Reverse-Flash , he's actually Eobard Thawne and merely stole the real Wells' identity after murdering him and his wife.

Similarly, in Season Two, "Jay Garrick" from Earth-2 turns out to actually be Hunter Zolomon, better known as Zoom, and to have been manipulating the heroes all along by stealing the identity of the real Jay Garrick from Earth The first few episodes of the third season introduce Julian, Barry's co-worker who he doesn't get along with, and Alchemy, a mysterious masked person who's been giving people the powers they had in Flashpoint for unknown reasons.

Viewers quickly guessed that they were the same person, to the point where the end of the seventh episode was seen as a Captain Obvious Reveal. Subverted when it turns out Julian had no idea, as he was being possessed by Savitar, the real Big Bad.

Heis introduced by seemingly rescuing Theon from being tortured, claiming that he was an Ironborn agent sent by his sister, and appears to be Theon's saving grace. However, this was all just part of a twisted game, and Ramsey soon reveals himself as possibly the most evil and sadistic character in the entire show, and tortures Theon himself to the point that he becomes an empty shell of a man. Roose Bolton and Walder Frey were rather unpleasant all along, but the Red Wedding cements them as completely irredeemable bastards.

This and a few other related elements are the Reveal for season 1 of The Good Place. Michael, the seemingly benevolent architect of the heavenly neighbourhood, is actually a demon although they don't like the term , and the neighbourhood is actually an Ironic Hell intended to force Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason to torment each other forever.

Haven had William, who at first seemed to be a kind, mysterious stranger who helps Audrey recover her memories and get back to her friends. Then he turns out to be a cruel, remorseless man who enjoys giving people out of control powers to cause untold destruction. In Lost it turns out that Henry Gale was really the backstabbing, manipulative leader of the Others She eventually walked away from a year relationship. Mercy, who spoke on condition her family name not be used, is Christian.

She says Ms. Katebi, who is Muslim, was divinely inspired to launch Blue Tin. Hayes, who was helping Ms. Katebi that day.

Another applicant came via the Karam Foundation, a nonprofit based in Lake Forest, Illinois, that works with Syrian refugees. But much of her family — siblings, mother, husband, and her oldest son, who was 13 — was killed in the war, leaving her to care for four other children.

She spoke about her journey on condition her name not be used. In June , she was accepted as a refugee and moved to Chicago. Her workday starts at a. But her children are in school and doing well, and she proudly pulls out her phone to share videos of them. Abigail Glaum-Lathbury, a designer and assistant fashion professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, says workers at other sewing factories are often contractors without health insurance and other benefits.

Glaum-Lathbury, who joins weekly meetings to go over designs and helps evaluate them for production technique and cost. How else could it be made? But it is primarily women who are behind the machines and making these shirts. Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy in the fall of and will close hundreds of stores as it reorganizes, joining other struggling brick-and-mortar retailers.

But online, fast fashion is continuing to grow. In a tough business, Ms. Katebi says she is learning more than the fashion business. Partners like Mercy are teaching her about life.

Their model upends traditional generational roles and production models. Both the United States and Iran have a multitude of reasons to end their escalation of violence, but one of them may be this: In the country they each use as a proxy battleground — Iraq — a grassroots movement has challenged the ancient tradition of revenge as a justification for violence.

Last October, a movement erupted in a mass protest of young people to end sectarian divisions, which have driven revenge violence as well as led to dysfunctional government. The protesters recognize an end to religious-based violence requires a shift to a higher identity as Iraqi citizens. For taking this stance, more than protesters have been killed, mainly by Iran-backed militias.

Last week, after the U. Perhaps their cry can be heard in Tehran and Washington. Both the U. Iraqis know well the needless toll of revenge violence from their own tit-for-tat mass killings, done mainly by Sunnis and Shiites.

Such violence erupted after the American-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein. And again during the rise of an Islamic State caliphate in Last October, this movement toward inclusion erupted in a mass protest of young people to end sectarian divisions, which have driven revenge violence as well as led to dysfunctional government.

Under the current constitution, power in Iraq is divvied up by ethnic or religious groups, leading to perverse patronage and mass corruption. The protesters recognize that their prosperity and an end to religious-based violence require a shift to a higher identity as Iraqi citizens.

The protests have forced a prime minister to offer his resignation and the parliament to work on reforms. Iran itself described the attack as revenge. In conflicts, retaliation can often be a deterrence. Revenge violence, however, is usually based on feelings about honor or dignity, not tactical defense.

Like many other countries, Iraqis may be awakening to the dangers of bitter revenge as a motive for killing. Each weekday, the Monitor includes one clearly labeled religious article offering spiritual insight on contemporary issues, including the news. The publication — in its various forms — is produced for anyone who cares about the progress of the human endeavor around the world and seeks news reported with compassion, intelligence, and an essentially constructive lens.

For many, that caring has religious roots. For many, it does not. The Monitor has always embraced both audiences. The Monitor is owned by a church — The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston — whose founder was concerned with both the state of the world and the quality of available news. Unexpectedly asked to vacate their flat without a refund, a man and his wife turned to God for a deeper understanding of home as spiritual and permanent.

In short order, an unforeseen housing option emerged that perfectly met their need. At one time, my family lived in a rented apartment in a mini-estate made up of tenement flats, in the beautiful bed town of Kuje in Abuja, Nigeria.

One day, while at the office, I received a call from my wife, who said that we had unexpectedly been asked to vacate our home due to a court order that had been served to the estate.

According to this view, it is necessary to assume that, in all unsaturated compounds, two, or some even number of affinities are disengaged; and also that all elements which combine with an even number of monad atoms cannot combine with an odd number, and vice versa, - in other words, that the number of units of affinity active in the case of any given element must be always either an even or.

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  4. Nov 20,  · Vicious Circles: Ring-shaped DNA Provides Cancer Cells with a Malignant Twist The shape of cancer ecDNA is different than normal DNA, and that has really important implications, both for our understanding of cancer biology and clinical impact,” said Paul S. Mischel, MD, professor in the UC San Diego School of Medicine Department of.
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