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Kelly 3 I Love the Dough" feat. Puff Daddy 7 My Downfall" feat. Puff Daddy 11 The What" feat. Method Man 12 The World is Filled Another" feat. Lil' Kim 2.

Fuck You Tonight" feat. Kelly 3. I Love the Dough" feat. Jay-Z, Angela Winbush 4. Last Day" feat. The Lox 5. Puff Daddy 7. Asked in Music What genre are sad songs? You can get sad metal songs and you can get sad pop songs e. There are many great underground rap songs. The greatness of these rap songs depends on your own personal preference for example. Some of the best rap songs of all time are ten to twenty years old.

Asked in Music Why are all country songs sad? Not all country songs are sad. Remember the name - Fort Minor most awesome beated rap songs.

Rap songs don't mean anything, it depends on who raps it. Some are about death and sex, but some are about love, or things that matter.

Once Biggie and his friends heard the commotion in the lower levels of the studio, one of them, Lil Cease? They brought him up and called for an ambulance. After 2Pac was shot, he also had to appear in court to face sexual assault charges.

During his time in prison, apparently Biggie, who was supposed to be 2Pac's friend never bothered to visit him or thank 2Pac for any of the advice he gave him either. Biggie was enjoying the success of his album Ready to Die and 2Pac felt that to do that, without giving any type of respect or shout out or any tribute for all his help was disrespectful.

Biggie owed 2Pac more than that. As soon as 2Pac was released, in large part due to Suge Knight, he made it an objective of his to retaliate against those who had wronged him or disrespected him. That was primarily Biggie, who might have had something to do wit 2Pac's shooting, and who never visited him, except for once to his father, Billy Graham, in the hospital, and for not giving 2Pac any credit for any of his help or advice. Asked in Tupac Shakur What year did biggie and 2pac die?

Tupac died Sept. Asked in Music, The Notorious B. What is the name of the song that 2pac disses biggie smalls? Asked in Music Genres What led biggie smalls to become famous? Thug Style - 2Pac I'm Gettin' Money - 2Pac Do For Love Interlude - 2Pac Do For Love - 2Pac Pain - 2Pac Feat.

Big Stretch Intro If I Die 2Nite -2Pac Death Around The Corner - 2Pac Lord Knows - 2Pac Shed So Many Tears - 2Pac Richie Rich Outlaw - 2Pac Feat. Young Nigga - 2Pac It Ain't Easy - 2Pac Old School - 2Pac Can U Get Away - 2Pac Temptations - 2Pac Ambitionz Az A Ridah - 2Pac Tradin' War Stories - 2Pac Feat. No More Pain - 2Pac Ain't Hard 2 Find - 2Pac Feat.

Snoop Dogg All Eyez On me - 2Pac Feat. Heartz Of Men - 2Pac Can't C Me - 2Pac Feat. George Clinton When We Ride - 2Pac Feat. Outlawz Holla At Me - 2Pac Rappin' 4 Tay Picture Me Rollin' - 2Pac Feat. Life Goes On - 2Pac Check Out Time - 2Pac Feat. Run Tha Streetz - 2Pac Feat. Skandalouz - 2Pac Feat.

All About You -2Pac Feat. Danny Boy Thug Passion - 2Pac Feat. What'z Yo Phone Number - 2Pac Hit Em Up - 2Pac Feat.

A real bitch is all I want, all I ever had (yeah, c'mon) With a glock just as strong as me Totin guns just as long as me, the bitch belongs with me Any plans with another bitch, my bitch'll spoil it One day, she used my toothbrush to clean the toilet (that's nasty) Throwin my clothes out the windows, so when the wind blows I see my Polos and.

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  1. 2 Pac - Me and my girlfriend).wmv mp3 love you jason derulo swalla ft nicki minaj ty dolla ign akulaleki samthing soweto 25 minutes michael learns to rock juicy notorious big bim bam bino hörspiel too much talk paul revere and the raiders rudi carrell op zijn best ek raat villain da baby ice cube put your back into it clean 2face down.
  2. Here are a list of some sad rap songs: 2 Pac-Can U Get Away Big L-Deja Vu Eminem-Stan Eminem-Like Toy Soldiers 2 Pac-Wonda Why They Call U Bitch Ahmad-Back in the Day 50 Cent-Best .
  3. They killed my best friend, me and my bitch [Chorus: The Notorious B.I.G.] Just me and my bitch, me and my bitch, yeah Just me and my bitch, yeah, just me and my bitch, uh Just me and my bitch, me.
  4. 2Pac and Biggie first met in the early 90's before Biggie, or the Notorious B.I.G. had even put out an album. 2Pac had already done some albums (2Pacalypse Now, Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.Z, Thug.
  5. See y'all don’t understand me. My plan B is to win ya hearts before I win a Grammy. 2pac or Notorious B.I.G? Who was the better rapper/influence? Follow. Upvote +0 Downvote.
  6. The Notorious B.I.G. – Me & My Bitch Lyrics. Yo let—let—let me ask you a question yo Yo, would you kill for me? Hmmm, yeah They killed my best friend, me and my bitch Just me and my bitch, me and my bitch Just me and my, just me and my bitch, uh · Big Poppa · Grew Up A Screw Up.
  7. Jul 31,  · 2PAC AND NOTORIOUS B.I.G THE DEATH STORY 2PAC AND NOTORIOUS B.I.G THE DEATH STORY 2pac Notorious big Death row records Suge knight facing a million dollar judgement the lapd set out to destroy any possibility of a successful court case.
  8. I will finally put to rest the rumor of if 2Pac smashed Faith Evans, the wife of the late Biggie. That’s why I fucked your bitch you fat motherfucker Conflicting stories Since Pac is currently.

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