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Children Children Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. Blue Mountain Peak Trail.

User Name. Remember me. Log me out when I close my browser. I finally managed to download photos from my phone. My apartment complex has at least two Siberian Huskies now, Fang and Yukon. My Chihuahua loves playing with Yukon, but finds Fang a bit too exuberant. Another new dog is Max, an enormous Alaskan Malamute, calm and cuddly. I wish I could borrow him for the winter. GdF sent me the link to a blog post discussing a study on parenting styles by first-time mothers and fathers and how those might relate to their oxytocin levels.

The instructive thing to do is to begin with this carefully written blog post on the topic and the comments attached to it. Then skate over to the New York Times parenting blogs to see what the popularization said. Or do it in reverse. Either way, you might be shocked to find that the NYT popularization doesn't just leave bits out: It also goes for one definite conclusion when the initial research did not do so.

That amounts to adding something: A particular interpretation. The number of people in poverty in is the largest number in the 51 years for which poverty estimates are available. The above link has much more information about individual incomes, household incomes and the number of Americans without health insurance.

For even more information, go here pdf. Wednesday, September 15, Moderate: That's Me! It's easy to forget, when covering mostly American politics, that what a politically moderate person is varies tremendously by country and by culture. Take me, for instance. I once asked my mother where she'd put me in terms of the political dimension. Her answer: moderately to the right. That is a true story, though naturally applicable only inside the political system of a different country.

Now contrast that with my reputation here small as it may be of being firmly in the rabid base of the Democratic party, possibly even more to the left, possibly a full-blown extremist!

I'm not writing about this just so that you can laugh at me, but because of the recent use of the term 'moderate' in all sorts of places. We all hear it as meaning a balanced person, someone who isn't going to yell and scream in your face all the time, someone who is 'in the middle. It only makes sense when we know what the corresponding extremist points of view are and when we also know how close to one of those points a moderate might be.

The American use of the term 'politically moderate' to cover the Independents is even trickier. People who are not registered Republicans or Democrats are not necessarily in some vacant land between the two parties.

They may have more extreme views than either party or they may simply not have many political views at all. Neither are 'the moderates' in any particular political system necessarily the most in numbers, despite my own tendency to view them that way. This is the piece which provoked these ultimately unrelated musings.

The move allows her to act as an interim head of the CFPB and will enable her to begin setting up the agency immediately and prevent the GOP from filibustering her nomination. Warren could serve until Obama nominates a permanent director -- a nomination he's not required to make for some time.

Obama could also nominate her as the permanent director in the near future, a prospect that has been discussed among top aides, according to a person familiar with the White House deliberations.

Warren will also be named as a special adviser directly to Obama, ABC reported. Intellectual founder. That's nice. So she gets to set up the Bureau but might not be nominated to run it because of being too blunt-spoken and because of this : Warren would report to both the Treasury Department and the White House in a role that would not require Senate confirmation.

Bobby Boy Bakeshop, Reynolda Rd. Bobby Boy is open Tuesday-Saturday, 7 a. Busch, who has been with AAOG for about 10 years, said that this is the only fundraiser of the year and the only time when students collectively show and sell their works. She said that the AAOG is a nonprofit with a fine art and pottery studio, and its funding comes from classes. The AAOG also offers youth classes for pottery, homeschool drawing and painting for both youth and teens.

Those proceeds will go toward the programming and scholarship funds featuring paintings by Mavis Liggett, Jack Stratton and pottery by Patrick Rowe and studio manager Peter Strafaci.

She said that they are presently transitioning to new instructors and the list to date includes Stratton, drawing and watercolor; Mavis Liggett, oil painting; Kelly Taylor, drawing and painting; Mike Northuis, painting; Tom Edgerton, portrait painting; Jim Barnhill, sculpture; and Patrick Rowe, pottery. See a wide variety of handcrafted and curated products. All products are locally made. Proceeds go directly to the artists, which helps all teach adult pottery. General admission is free starting at 11am with an option to pottery, and just recently, purchase early access with Early Bird Tickets and begin shopping at 10am.

Eric Little came on board to teach life drawing. More Yanceyville St. Wearing Terry Rader costumes is optional but encouraged. Twenty-five adult Contributor students will show over pieces of their pottery and other fine artwork until Nov. On the First Friday evening of Nov. On the same Friday evening from p. Busch said that it is very dramatic to get to see the combustibles of cedar chips catch fire, and when the work goes inside the kiln, it comes out glowing red-hot. Busch said that the show and sale are an amazing collection of art.

The majority of the work is pottery of varying styles and levels of expertise in one room lined with tables layered with art.

Some of the students have been with the AAOG for over 10 years, and this annual event is student-led and organized. Adult class sessions are for eight weeks and youth sessions are six weeks. Busch said they have six sessions each year with nine pottery and nine fine-arts classes for adults, plus six youth classes.

The classes are consecutive with one beginning as soon as one ends. The classes remain the same except for the addition of a new class. She said that registration is required and begins the third week of November, and sessions begin at the first of the year. Robert Forster : Farewell, friend Affable, avuncular, handsome, talented. I wish I were describing myself, but those adjectives apply to Robert Forster, who died Oct.

This was before Jackie Brown brought Forster an Oscar nomination and renewed visibility. Incidentally, I was one of the first people to call Forster when the nominations were announced. The best thing you could do was just watch him and learn and hope to grow up to be a bit like him. In addition to being a fine actor, he was also an incredibly kind and generous individual. During my time with the Fort Lauderdale festival, we hosted him as a guest more than once, and he was one of the nicest and most gracious human beings I have ever worked with.

He kept coming back! He was such a cool dude and a true gentleman. And of course, one hell of an actor. When I saw The Descendants , I called simply to leave a message of congratulations. To my surprise, he picked up. The never-bashful Holly walked right up to him.

Many laughs were had, not the least of which was when Jack got a little restless, as 2-year-olds are wont to do. Forster laughed, then took Jack into his lap and — what do you know? Grandpa had the magic. Did he ever, in spades. He smiled. As I leaned over to ask how we should divide it, Holly took it. Robert Forster was a great guy and a great actor. Mark Burger As in the first film, Double Tap has the Contributor chemistry of its cast to carry it over the rough patches, benefiting immeasurably from goodwill on both sides of the camera.

The wait was worth it. Remarkably, everyone looks almost exactly the same, with the exception of Breslin, who has of course, grown up in the intervening years. The story opens with our fearsome foursome taking up residence at Pennsylvania Ave. Like its predecessor, Zombieland: Double Tap is rife with pop-culture references and in-jokes, even referencing itself from time to time. Double Tap continues the tradition of naming its characters after the cities they hail from.

Deutch brings the biggest boost of extra energy to the proceedings, and provides ample opportunity for Stone to display some wonderful slow-burn sarcasm. Bill Murray, whose unexpected cameo in the first film was one of its highlights, makes a return appearance here at the fade-out. The screening is at 7 p. Justin Greene, Winston-Salem Tony Wolters, Carolina Gus Zernial, Burlington Eugene Petty, Danville Fred Vaughn, Greensboro Dale Powell, Danville Jack Hussey, Raleigh James Pokel, Fayetteville Eugene Oliver, Winston-Salem Walt Matthews, Durham Edwin Chasteen, Raleigh Hal King, Asheville Charlie Spikes, Kinston Robert Gorinski, Lynchburg Jim Morrison, Rocky Mount Gary Pellant, Alexandria Craig Brooks, Winston-Salem Gerald Davis, Salem David Malpeso, Winston-Salem Ken Gerhart, Hagerstown Jim Dickerson, Winston-Salem Ronnie Gant, Durham Hensley Meulens, Prince William Greg Blosser, Lynchburg Tracy Sanders, Kinston Bubba Smith, Peninsula Bubba Smith, Winston-Salem Toby Rumfield, Winston-Salem Juan Thomas, Prince William Jose Gullien, Freddy Garcia, Lynchburg Daniel Peoples, Kinston Mike Glavine, Kinston Doug Gredvig, Frederick Jason Fransz, Frederick Micah Schnurstein, Winston-Salem Cody Johnson, Myrtle Beach Tryce Thompson, Winston-Salem Lewis King, Danville Hilliard Nance, Martinsville Tommy Martin, Raleigh Pat Haggerty, Durham Jack Huesman, Winston-Salem Herb Mancini, Winston-Salem Jack Mitchell, Greensboro Jack Mitchell, Reidsville Eugene Hassell, Burlington Joseph Peppy LaMonica, Greensboro William Kallas, Fayetteville John Kennedy, Hi-Toms Elder White, Wilson Mitchell June, Burlington Chico Salmon, Durham John Parker, Burlington Ed Stroud, Tidewater Sam Thompson, Peninsula Ed Griffiths, Burlington Fred Wolcott, Winston-Salem Wilbert Hammond, Salem Mel Civil, Salem Roger Nelson, Winston-Salem Michael Cummings, Winston-Salem Omar Moreno, Salem Miguel Dilone, Salem Bobby Thompson, Lynchburg Luis Delgado, Winston-Salem Mel Barrow, Kinston Bob Dernier, Peninsula Albert Hall, Durham Gus Burgess, Winston-Salem George Crum, Salem Eric Yelding, Kinston Pete Stanicek, Hagerstown Ced Landrum, Winston-Salem Don Buford, Jr.

Rod Lofton, Frederick Fernando Ramsey, Winston-Salem Ramon Caraballo, Durham Lee Heath, Durham Essex Burton, Prince William Ricky Gutierrez, Kinston Sergio Nunez, Wilmington Ramon Gomez, Winston-Salem Scott Pratt, Kinston Esix Snead, Potomac Chad Durham, Winston-Salem Edwin Yan, Winston-Salem Ruddy Yan, Winston-Salem Rajai Davis, Lynchburg Pedro Powell, Lynchburg Derrick Robinson, Wilmington Kyle Hudson, Frederick Jeff Kobernus, Potomac Nick Ahmed, Lynchburg Durham, Runs Durham, Batting Durham, At Bats Winston-Salem, Most Games Winston-Salem, Total Bases Martinsville, Home Runs Winston-Salem, Doubles Winston-Salem, Triples Burlington, Runs Batted In Durham, Left On Base Danville, Stolen Bases Durham, Hit Batsmen Wilmington, Strikeouts Lynchburg, Sacrifices Winston-Salem, Sacrifice Flies Kinston, Frederick, Walks Durham, Danville, May 12, , vs.

Raleigh Durham, May 20, , vs. Leaksville Winston-Salem, June 11, , vs. Durham vs. Durham 8 and Salem 3 , April 18, Peninsula, June 9, Durham, Aug 30, , vs. Kinston, June 1, 15 innings Several clubs last time: Myrtle Beach, Sept. Charlie Timm, Raleigh, Aug 30, , vs. Martinsville Pete Cimino, Wilson, April 30, , vs. Burlington Tim Lewis, Alexandria, June 18, , vs. Salem Thurman Lowe, Danville, June 30, , vs.

Martinsville John Fitzgerald, Danville, June 28, , vs. Fayetteville Ben Tench, Raleigh, June 3, , vs. Wilson John Cullen, Greensboro, May 28, 12 innings , vs.

Wilson David Hernandez, Frederick, Sept. Jack Jenkins, Rocky Mount, May 4, , vs. Wallace Mitchell, Durham, July 17, , vs. Martinsville tie game, called by curfew Eddie Neville, Durham, Aug 29, , vs. Rayner Oliveros, Wilmington, Gilbert de la Vara, Wilmington, Michael Brown, Winston-Salem, Dwight Gooden, Lynchburg Ken Deal, Burlington Harvey Haddix, Winston-Salem James Bryant, Burlington Adam Twarkins, Danville Jack Frisinger, Winston-Salem Charles Gooding, Winston-Salem Eugene Snyder, Hi-Toms John Fitzgerald, Danville Luis Arroyo, Greensboro Mark Schaeffer, Winston-Salem As a Pirate, he pitched 12 perfect innings against the Milwaukee Braves on May 26, , but gave up an unearned run in the 13th inning to lose the game While other former Carolina Leaguers have pitched no-hitters in the majors, including Dock Ellis and Dwight Gooden, Haddix is the only one to pitch a no-hitter in both.

Scott Randall 6 , Lariel Gonzalez 1 Salem, def. Tim Spooneybarger 1 , and Christian Parra 6. Brandon Erbe 6 , Ryan Ouellette. Nick Tepesch 7. Charlie Timm, Raleigh Harold Skinny Brown, Durham Harvey Haddix, Winston-Salem Al Henencheck, Raleigh Adam Twarkins, Danville Woody Rich, Greensboro James Lewey, Winston-Salem Eddie Neville, Durham Duane Wilson, Greensboro John Patula, Greensboro Jack Taylor, Hi-Toms Cleo Lewright, Kinston David Reed, Durham Johnny Aehl, Durham And just tell me which dove lease you want me to protest on Labor Day, and I'm there.

Eat meat? No peace! Note to Wise County deputies: If you get the urge to let a hot waitress sit on a patrol car holding your AR, resist the desire. It will get you fired. At least it will if you do it in Williamson County and a Round Rock police officer, who really needs to mind his own business, starts an investigation. Las Vegas Line: Death Penalty. This guy got my attention last year when he gave a jailhouse interview after killing a couple of innocent folks in Garland.

Video, with extreme language, here. This guy has been presenting himself as the poster child for the Death Penalty ever since he got caught. Big Time. Well, his trial is taking place with the only issue left for the jury, after conviction, is whether he should live or die.

Deliberations begin today. I've been thinking that the death penalty is a foregone conclusion, but these times they are a changing.

I'm not sure anything is a slam dunk anymore especially in Dallas County. And if he gets Life instead of Death, there might be a pretty big firestorm. It kind of flew under the radar, but after the jury was selected, which turned out to be all white, the judge took one of the white jurors off and replaced him with a black guy a black guy that the State had used one of its free "kick him off the jury" strikes on. This was done simply because the judge said it seemed "unfair" for Broadnax to be judged by an all-white jury even though the judge also ruled that the State's reason for striking the black guy off the panel were legal and "race neutral.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts. After Pudge Rodriquez got a hit at his first at bat last night since his return to the Rangers, play by play man Josh Lewin said, "3 hits out of his last 3 at bats for Texas over a span of 7 years.

But my predicted Rangers fade might be beginning. They've blown leads of 5 and 4 runs over the last two days. Re: The lady at the Barney Frank's town hall meeting speaking at the podium while holding a picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache which prompted Frank to say, "What planet are you from? Edit: Here's the video. I'm already tired of the Perry v. Hutchison governor's race and it's just started.

But, man, she's looking frumpy at all of her appearances. The attendance last night at the McCartney concert was 38, because they didn't sell seats in the upper deck at the Cowboys Stadium. And the big high def screen wasn't in use either. Here's a twitpic of the stage setup. I would think it would be "Cowboys' Stadium" but it's just "Cowboys Stadium. Or a man. Or a woman. I almost got ran over in my office parking lot this morning by a woman driving a small silver car. Storms this evening?

There was a suicide in Decatur over the weekend. My crazy laundry lady is still there. Wanna have some fun hunny? So why you still not in my chat? Gold Show. I get naked and i'm willing to show you Searches Related to "hotel transylvania". Notice: You Are Leaving Pornhub. The page you're trying to access: is not part of Pornhub. Continue to external site Go Back. Warning: This Link May be Unsafe.

1 day ago Mavis Discount Tire, Jacksonville FL "I am so happy I chose to come here. Everyone was so helpful and courteous. Very impressed and I will be returning whenever I need work done on my tires/breaks. Thank you Mavis Discount Tire!" - Jacksonville, FL 1 day ago Mavis .

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  1. Carolina League Media Guide and Record Book - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Carolina League Media Guide and Record Book.
  2. Jul 22,  · The Outside Lands Music Festival. Photo: Amy Osborne, Special to The Chronicle Set in Golden Gate Park, the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival has brought some of the biggest names in music to San Francisco’s most beautiful venue. Among the stars who have performed under the century-old canopy of trees on the Polo Field since the festival started in are Paul .
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  4. Sep 09,  · That is a true story, though naturally applicable only inside the political system of a different country. Now contrast that with my reputation here (small as it may be) of being firmly in the rabid base of the Democratic party, possibly even more to the left, possibly a full-blown extremist!
  5. Duties include bu t n ot limited to: Maintain all equipment Plumbing Electrical Painting/wall repair Exterior & Interior maintenance & repairs Ability to lift, stand, bend, kneel, c limb ladders, various climates (indoor/outdoor heat/cold), op e ration of various hand tools, p ower tools, equipment and at t .
  6. Full text of "List of permanent officers of the Commonwealth Public Service as on.." See other formats.
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