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Hopefully without the weird love triangle. One of their most popular dishes is the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. A meal here is a beautiful thing indeed! Not only can you enjoy a great milkshakes, but imagine having it delivered to you! Whatever you order from Chef on Call , you must add one of their amazing milkshakes! He could go back home on time. And, Working at Eastern Dairy seemed relatively easy for him since it paid twice the amount he used to earn in his previous job.

One the other hand, if refuse to remove the filters, and report the maggot problem to management, he will have some advantages and disadvantages. First, he would be happy because he can avoid all innocent kids to drink milkshakes contaminated with pulverized maggots. However, he have some disadvantages about the job.

He will lose the job and he cannot continue to get extra money from Eastern Dairy. Moreover, Eastern Dairy will compliant about having to close down his business. Also, Paul will express criticism of losing job. No matter how George choose, he have to face with an ethical dilemma. In the case, George was confronted with an ethical dilemma. His thoughts and actions were affected by several factors, including his personal moral values and corporate social responsibility caused by improper management of the company.

This case is a good example about the lack of ethics. Overall success: -Founded: - Franchising since: - History: Ray Kroc, a milkshake mixer salesman, ventured to California in to visit McDonald's hamburger stand, where he heard they were running eight mixers at once.

Kroc was impressed by how rapidly customers were served and, seeing an opportunity to sell many more milkshake machines, encouraged brothers Dick and Mac McDonald to open a chain of their restaurants.

McDonald's and the Golden Arches have since become an internationally-recognized symbol of quick-service hamburgers, fries, chicken, breakfast items, salads and milkshakes. Over thirty thousand locations serve 51 million customers worldwide each day. The assignment must be your own work and original. All sources of reference must be included. You will be expected to check spelling mistakes and grammar. Your name, student no and unit no should be in the footer of every page.

It should bear an appropriate report structure such as a Table of Contents, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, References, and Appendix George is working at Eastern Dairy for the summer and he works the night shift.

The night shift is unsupervised and ran by 4 or 5 assembly workers. George has gotten along with all his fellow employees and together they have formed quite the comradery. Paul, one of the assembly workers on the night shift, has become somewhat of a self elected supervisor of the shift. All of the employees of the night shift get along very well and enjoy their time together thoroughly which has allowed George to really enjoy his time at work.

One night they are faced with a problem regarding the filtration of the mix. All the filters are getting clogged up due to a bad batch of mix filled with maggots. The issue with constantly Without any training, George was immediately assigned to the night shift who operated without supervision.

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You could have a search for the best vanilla shake, compare home-made vs. Milkshakes occasionally star, or at least make an appearance in movies and TV shows. Some of the famous ones, or at least ones I know about are listed below. Unfortunately, I suspect that in the world of product placement, milkshakes will be less prevalent as it is hard to brand a homemade banana milkshake. Most likely sodas will be the beverage of choice, as their marketing budgets allow them to pay to be shown.

Some links to blog postings around the internet relating to milkshakes mostly how to make good ones. These are the ultimate tool for the milkshake lover and will come in handy for all your other blending needs too. Do you have one? Are they as good in practice as the hype would suggest? Let us know in the comments section. Part science show, part cooking show, Good Eats is always a good watch, even when its not about the milkshakes! There are a lot of special ice-creams and gelato flavors for St Patrick's Day.

Try a Guinness or Irish Cream milkshake. For kids, just go green with some milk chocolate chip! I'm sure you have stocked up with recipe books, glasses and other milkshake paraphernalia some links to which you'll find below , but you probably are thinking that these are presents for the summer. I put it to you, that in fact, winter is an excellent time to delve further into the joys of milkshakes.

Can't you imagine how good these could be? I can guarantee you will be amazed at the results. The depth of flavor will translate well to a milkshake and before you know it, you will be getting tons of compliments from your guests. I'd stay away from turkey milkshake and mulled wine milkshake, but maybe you are braver than me So, let us join together and plead the case for milkshakes all year round, particularly as part of your holiday traditions.

Easter is great for milkshakes and thoughts inevitably turn towards chocolate, which is great because chocolate milkshakes are so good. Also, where do you like buying milkshakes from. Sure, making your own is the best way to guarantee quality but sometimes its nice to let someone else do the work. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thank you. This gave me confidence to try and make a milkshake for the very first time. My family loves homemade milk shakes, but I don't make them often enough to suit them! I dig milkshakes! One of my favorite is to freeze fruits like strawberries, bananas, mangoes, peaches etc and then blender them with some milk and perhaps some protein powder to make a power milk shake!

Love your lens! I would love to try making milkshakes. We do make fruit smoothies at home at least 3 times a week, but it would be nice to have a milkshake once in a while. Will Smith drinks a chocolate shake a couple of times.. I must have based the quantities from some recipe although I can't recall which. I am sure it was a rough recipe too; I imagine most people generally don't measure, just throw things in and blend away. I might try an experiment sometime and see what happens, but until then I think its best to just consider any extra as a bonus!

Oh how I love milkshakes! Love the pie idea except only one problem I never have pie Maybe the idea is to make one pie to eat and another for milkshakes! I like to blend together frozen strawberries, vanilla ice cream, some ice, and some milk Turns out a very delicious Strawberry milk shake :. Some fabulous milkshake flavours here. I like Horlicks milkshake and fresh banana milkshake - ooh and Toblerone milkshake!

I think there is a problem with this recipe, unless I'm missing something. Now, if you're talking 6 oz by weight, then it's even more! I may have that second part wrong math wise , but the weight ounces are definitely less than fluid ounces AND the first part is definitely correct.

Also, if you're wondering where I got the ounces by weight in fluid ounces, it's from Bobby Flay's book: Burgers Fries and Shakes, pg Great tips as I posted on another lens today, though, I really need to stop looking at food lenses! We add vanilla, bananas, strawberries, eggs and sugar, and make a great breakfast for my kids. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. How to Make the Best Milkshakes Ever! Updated on August 29, Richard Tame more.

serving you will need to include it in your meal plan. Foods can be a combination of “carbohydrate, protein, and/or fat”. You can use the food guide pyramid to help you determine if a food is a carbohydrate, protein, or fat, or a combination. Carbohydrate Group: Grains, dried beans, starchy vegetables Fruit Milk & .

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  1. A modern twist on the ’s diner, you can get great drinks, delicious food, and out-of-this-world (boozy) milkshakes all under one roof. You’ll want to make a few trips here to try everything on their menu. Milkshakes can cost a pretty penny (between $9-$13), but well worth it .
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  3. Nov 18,  · That etymology appears to be lost to history. According to the Wikipedia Milkshake page: > When the term "milkshake" was first used in print in , milkshakes were an alcoholic whiskey drink that has been described as a "sturdy, healthful eggnog.
  4. Mar 27,  · Note that I'm discussing the (western) American definition of a milkshake, which is a semi-frozen dessert similar to soft ice cream, served in a cup and eaten with a very thick straw or a spoon. I'm aware there are other types, but that's what the.
  5. As American as apple pie, milkshakes are often associated with soda fountains, ice cream parlors and hamburger joints. A refreshing, creamy beverage that is the perfect tonic on a hot day, it lends itself well to freezing because it is made primarily of milk and ice cream. However, if the milkshake .
  6. g) Even if we know that the U.S. would specialize in the production of milkshakes, we cannot determine the wage rate in the U.S., as we do not know the price of a milkshake to be able to determine the wage. h) We know that Mexico produces burritos and imports milkshakes.
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  8. Apr 12,  · How the hell we running errands and end up getting milkshakes is BEYOND ME. I went to buy a suit or even a shirt and tie we end up getting JUNK!!!
  9. Dec 09,  · Need to report the video? 50+ videos Play all Mix - Thee Milkshakes - I'm Needing You YouTube; Thee Milkshakes - Don't Destroy Me - Duration: Charlie Spliff 5, views.

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