Chameleon - Nexus Six* - Six Songs + Live Radio Show

Not only do I love this song , but the way this guy moves in this video is great Cherub - doses and mimoses check it out! I still am likin "Thriller" as one of my favorite all time videos.

Maybe a little cheezy now, but in its day it was very cool. I also like Rhianna "Disturbia". James45 New Member. Red7ny1 said:. RealIzeRecognIze said:. James45 said:. Last edited: Jun 17, ChamomilleCame Avid Member. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Motherlode Chameleon Start date May 20, Motherlode Chameleon Chameleon Enthusiast.

It does not matter what kind of music it is. All it has to be is that you are a fan of the music. Post and lets see what goodies we have found. Here's a couple punk videos that I'm a fan of. The Pennywise video is somewhat explicit. Here's another good Ska song. Lets see what you have to post. Hot Peak: Number 13 Though fret-nerds worship Eddie Van Halen's solo firestorm "Eruption," the guitarist's greatest contribution to the Eighties Pop Culture Carnival was this display of everywhere-all-at-once mastery.

The convulsive rhythm guitar, ferociously chugging riffs, preternatural chord progressions, mad harmonics, and yes, that lick-it-up pre-chorus that gets you tinglin' like a fistful of molly-laced Skittles. A Number 13 hit, "Panama" also boasted goofball aerial derring-do in the video, and was later used as part of the U. I think people have to relate personally. Hot Peak: Number One The little Norwegian synth-pop song that could, "Take On Me" began its journey in , when a-ha released the first version of their debut single, along with a cheap, performance-driven music video.

A slightly different re-recording, and the now-iconic video with rotoscoped animation, helped drive the song to the top of the American charts in The band only had one more Top 40 hit in the States, but remained stars all over Europe for the rest of the decade.

The opening track on the group's debut album, Diamond Life , it signaled the arrival of a bright new star in frontwoman Sade Adu, and provided the soundtrack to a decade of excess and soft-focus sensuality. In , British sketch-comedy repertory player Tracey Ullman was an unknown commodity in the States. Three years later she would have her own half-hour series in America that would introduce an animated family named the Simpsons.

Hot Peak: Number Two At the height of Germany's anti-nuclear movement, two years before Chernobyl left radiation across the nation, six years before reunification, West Berlin Neue Deutsche Welle cuties imagine how " neunundneunzig " balloons floating over the Wall might turn the Cold War hot. Her musicians gave martial krautrock a synth-funk bubblegum bounce, and the German version barely missed topping ugly America's imperialist pop chart regardless.

Hot Peak: Number One Former Babys vocalist John Waite scored his only solo hit with "Missing You," a song that desperately attempts to convince an ex that he isn't hurting as bad it seems. Later, when another VJ, Mark Goodman, asked if the song really was written about Blackwood, the tortured poet artist paused and responded: "It was written about her and a bunch of other women. Martin Luther King Jr. It's a big concept that required a big song, and luckily the group's soaring guitars and industrial-strength drums not to overlook guest vocals by the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde made for an anthem that was up to the task.

That personal history seemed audible in her rasp, adding a resonance to this anti-romantic ballad that even a great singer like Donna Summer, who'd turned it down, wouldn't have. At 44, Turner was the oldest solo female artist to score a Number One hit — a record that stood for 14 years until the year-old Cher's "Believe.

The horns are also an early sign of the jazzier touches that would come to adorn his music, particularly on 's Sign 'O' the Times. Hot Peak: Number Nine Originally recorded as one of the cassette demos that eventually became 's harrowing Nebraska , "Born in the U. Yet Springsteen's screaming vocal, coupled with Max Weinberg's reverbed-out military drumming, is just as unsettling once you grasp the lyrics' desperation — "Nowhere to run, ain't got nowhere to go" is no metaphor for the Vietnam-veteran narrator.

President Reagan's re-election committee missed this entirely and requested to use it as a campaign song. Springsteen declined. Hot Peak: Number Eight Even edited down to a radio-friendly four minutes from the eight-and-half-minute LP version which was already edited down from the minute performance recorded at First Avenue in Minneapolis , "Purple Rain" feels long — and that's meant as the highest compliment.

And just think how weird it'd have been if Stevie Nicks had written the words, as Prince had asked her to. For pure, lethal nostalgia, nothing beats this phenomenally catchy and casually devastating slice of synth-pop melancholy. Music for Chameleons Gary Numan. Chameleon Gorefest. Karma Chameleon Kidz Bop Kids. Chameleon [ Ldru Remix ] Pnau. Chameleon Nights The Faint. Chameleon Slapshot. Chameleon Pnau. Chameleon Elton John.

Chameleon Man Cop Shoot Cop. Chameleon Wars V Shape Mind. Run Runaway Slade. Karma Chameleon Chart Hits Allstars. Only 4 Me Chris Brown.

Feb 21,  · Mix - Culture Club - Karma Chameleon LIVE feat. Martha Quinn I Heart Radio 80's Party YouTube Mr. Mister - Broken Wings - 12/14/ - Ritz (Official) - Duration:

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  5. Sep 17,  · At the height of Germany's anti-nuclear movement, two years before Chernobyl left radiation across the nation, six years before reunification, .
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