Back Paws Do What They Like - Experimental Dental School / Blown Paper Bags - Split 7

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Vietnam — the ideal getaway for food, friendly locals and local food! Put scenery, nature and restaurants on your to-do list for your next trip to Canada! Others may resort to this behavior when feeling bored, anxious, or stressed. Certain breeds, like golden retrievers and boxers, are more prone to tearing up paper than others. This destructive behavior not only results in a mess, but it can also be dangerous for your dog.

Ingesting a large amount of paper can cause an intestinal blockage, resulting in a stressful and expensive emergency veterinary visit. Sustainable Beauty Dr. More Oz: Dr. Oz Magazine Trusted Partners. Edit Your Location. Your Video is Loading. Previous Now Playing Clip 1 of 6. Anonymous James Feb 20, Anonymous Anonymous Nov 09, Anonymous Anonymous May 29, Notice the absence of the age of the cat. Just sayin'. Reply 0 3. Anonymous Banfield is incompetent, my cat was 12 and had cleanings before, she was NOT Reply 2 0.

Anonymous Anon Oct 30, First, I am so sorry this happened. This is horrible. This hospital cuts a lot of corners in order to drive up profits. Reply 11 1. Anonymous sophiav Oct 31, Reply 9 0. Mei Mei Oct 31, Anon Thank you for posting this, as upsetting as it is, maybe it will stop someone else from trusting them with their pet. Reply 4 0. Anonymous Anon Nov 02, Mei I would be happy to help you.

Here's my advice to you orangefire: I'm not saying your cat died because of lack of observation. The only way to know is to ask questions. Here are some for you: 1 Was the same technician performing the cleaning also monitoring anesthesia, or were there 2 separate people designated to these tasks at all times?

You can find out the exact time your pet was under by requesting the anesthetic record. Reply 10 0. Anonymous steve Dec 13, Anon Why would you monitor anesthesia if you weren't comfortable with it? You could've lost a pet. Take responsibility and don't blame everyone else. Anesthesia is risky even with the most competent and trained hands.

Anonymous SaraTam Dec 27, Reply 5 0. Anonymous Anon Mar 02, I never said I was uncomfortable with monitoring anesthesia. Anonymous Anonymous Feb 16, Anon i guess i am lucky. Reply 1 1.

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