Aunt Hagars Blues - DDT Jazzband - 30th Anniversary Concert

I'm sure the loss of Butch and the way it went down is a hard pill to swallow for Gregg. Just Jaimoe, Dickey and Gregg left from the original band. Originally posted by marignygreg View Post. I think both the show and the album stand up well to the Allman Brothers equivalents.

For some reason Gregg had to go offstage between literally every song. He must have had a cold too. Self inflicted or not, he has been through a lot. I wouldn't blame him if he just wanted to go fishin. Originally posted by Agwe View Post. Fred Texas JF Fanatic. Monday 18 November Tuesday 19 November Wednesday 20 November Thursday 21 November Friday 22 November Saturday 23 November Sunday 24 November Monday 25 November Tuesday 26 November Wednesday 27 November Thursday 28 November Friday 29 November Saturday 30 November Sunday 1 December Monday 2 December Tuesday 3 December Wednesday 4 December Thursday 5 December Friday 6 December Saturday 7 December Sunday 8 December Monday 9 December Tuesday 10 December Wednesday 11 December Thursday 12 December Friday 13 December Saturday 14 December Sunday 15 December Monday 16 December Tuesday 17 December Wednesday 18 December Thursday 19 December Friday 20 December Saturday 21 December Sunday 22 December Monday 23 December Tuesday 24 December Wednesday 25 December Thursday 26 December Friday 27 December Saturday 28 December Sunday 29 December Monday 30 December Tuesday 31 December Savoring in their fullest the sounds -- Jimi, Col.

Bruce, Chambers Bros. And at the first evening's sunset, hearing the band that caused the plates to shift, that was to provide unrequited joy, ballast and succor in the decades to come. Come what may, though I hardly understood it at the time, there would always be "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" to soothe the savage beast which roared too oft within during times to come.

The never before heard or heard of Allman Brothers Band were there at that critical moment. That they were groundbreaking harbingers of several genres of rock was coincidental. Two drummers. Jaimo and Butch. Syncopated counter point. Solid bass, foundation. Twin guitars. Dickey's harmonious licks. And Duane's propulsive, symphonious bottle neck. Plus that baby faced blonde behind the B3, singing at a tender age with a mournfulness belied by his beauty, a growling moan that sounded like too many years of profligate rambling, gamboling and grief.

For Gregg's evocations were never far from a break down. Oh how he and his mates resonated. So there in '70 at that precarious moment of my life appeared this music that became essential.

Played by a group eerily, surgically tight, bound as one by their souls. Rock's greatest band. With the best slide guitar player ever. And the best white blues singer ever. ET April 11, Chick Corea named jazz fest artist-in-residence. Elaine Cromie, Special to the Free Press. Paul W. Interested in this topic? He said that ultimately both were corporate whores attached to the foreign policy of U.

Thank you for your coverage of the scheduled aerial spraying of the San Francisco Bay Area. I am shocked and scared that this type of pest treatment is planned. Even if short-term data becomes available, long-term health effects from chemicals in this spray are unknown. Let us end the era of short-sighted problem solving. I ask my fellow residents of Berkeley, everyone in the spray zones, and anyone else who cares if individuals in this country can be sprayed with chemicals against their will to stand up for our rights and our health!

I often get verbally abused just walking around Berkeley minding my own business. Some of the reasons our society is not as civil as it once was are obvious, but not many people care to look at them.

My sympathy to Ms. Has the Berkeley City Council considered, even now, the precedent they established by granting a parking space and bullhorn rights to the protesters at the Marine recruiting center? How can the council stop with this one protest? There are a lot of groups in Berkeley protesting something, and undoubtedly, many of them would like a free parking space and bullhorn rights. What will the council do if PETA wants to park in front the hardware store one block from the Marine recruiting center and shout their disapproval with a bullhorn about a long list of products sold there?

For example, they sell rat glue traps, which PETA strongly opposes. Plus, there are many restaurants within a block of the Marine recruiting center that serve something that some group is morally opposed to: veal, eggs laid by caged hens, honey some vegan groups have strong feelings about honey , not-fair-trade-certified chocolate, beef from feed lot cattle, etc. The list is endless. Now that the door has been opened, how can the City Council close it?

The Berkeley City Council always seems to put political expediency ahead of practical considerations like establishing a bad precedent, and expediency is inherently irrational. Whenever politicians act quickly without considering the long term consequences of their actions, they are acting irrationally.

Snodgrass, I pondered about how to write a tactful letter. At first, I was appreciative of the description, then noted the omissions and misleading credit to the success of the center.

First of all the brilliance of the center is due to Director Suzanne Ryan, recently retired after plus years, who at a young age in her mid 20s was a major part of the design of the building in She was the bridge between the City of Berkeley and the yearly democratically elected Council and supervised that and all the other volunteers and cooperated with the Berkeley Adult School and the Peralta College System to obtain instructors.

Many of the activities and classes were made at the suggestions of the members of the center and most of the classes are led by volunteers. The small paid civil service staff of five or more could not operate the center without the participation of the volunteers. Furthermore, Ms. Patricia Thomas, whom I welcome, has been the director for a few weeks, only since the end of January and is transitioning into the position.

Schwarzenegger and his administration. After three rounds of aerial spraying in Monterey and Santa Cruz, there were complaints of illnesses, some of them requiring emergency room visits. Since there was no well publicized illness reporting mechanism, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. These experts say the apple moth causes no significant damage to crops and other plants, and is far too established in California to be removed.

It has possibly been in our state for 30 years or more. When will he recognize that crop dusting neighborhoods, schools, playgrounds and the places we work with potentially dangerous pesticides is not necessary, safe or effective?

We appeal to the governor to step in, honor our right to safety as established in the California Constitution, and lead the way out of this mess. But since entering the U. In other words, while advertising his public oratory opposing the war, Obama has prolonged American involvement. Clearly, Barack Obama has failed to deliver the kind of leadership this nation desperately needs. Of course city planners believe in BRT.

In Berkeley, especially near downtown, 1R buses are often mostly—and sometimes entirely—empty. You cannot force people to ride buses that do not stop near their homes. Massive buses that go about miles per gallon of fuel, occupied by somewhere between zero and 10 riders, is not an example of fuel efficiency. To acquire this money, they have to build something, needed or not, and they have to take over a portion of our city streets to build it on. This would be a financial boon to AC Transit—and a boondoggle for the town.

The other tack is to portray Welles as the brat who only had one great movie in him, and quickly slid downhill after that. Like much of life, the reality is much more nuanced and interesting than either of these extremes. Welles was a cinematic and theatric genius, of that there is no doubt. Given an inch by understandably cautious producers and financiers, he invariably demanded a mile—and then more often than not failed to produce. Some of his projects ended up being strung out over years and never completed.

Welles regularly pissed off his bosses, his collaborators and those who worked under him. His temperament was, shall we say, mercurial on the best of days pun intended and nearly tyrannical on bad ones. The House and Senate have passed different versions of the new FISA legislation, and is meeting to resolve those differences. The president and his Republican allies are using this opportunity to pressure our colleagues to give in and grant retroactive immunity for illegal abuse of FISA statutes.

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Last Thursday I gave water to a young man sitting in a tree on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. I was arrested for it. It took only a moment to make the decision to throw him water, and I was told by another student that I would likely be arrested, but I acted because I doubted the existence of a law in which a person could legally be denied water, a basic human need.

I was cited for PC a 1 , which is obstructing or disobeying the orders of a police officer. The whole point of being arrested is that it is supposed to be humiliating; but when you know what principles you stand for, and you know what you are getting yourself into, the process is not shameful; it is enlightening.

The moment the handcuffs went on behind my back, I knew I was about to learn some things about the world that I had never previously fathomed. There was a big crowd gathered when I was arrested, and many students were upset. I held up a peace sign with my cuffed hands while I was being led to the cop car, to show that I believe in non-violence, even when it comes to breaking the law for something I stand for. People began to chant. The squad-car would not start; the battery was dead!

The crowd began to jeer and taunt. The police brought in another car, and finally drove me away. I talked with the officer on the way to the jail. Non-violent protesters have an important role to play in society.

The iron hand of the law was light on me. I filled a special role in a grand play, on Thursday. Just the way my handcuffed arms behind my back fit into the hard black plastic molding of the squad car seat, my actions fit into the molding of the events that unfolded. Many objective observers have come before me, and many others will come after, and my story is not special or unique.

I did not do anything particularly criminal; in fact, the police act of denying water to a person is questionably legal, so my choice was to comply with human rights, and not with the alleged order of the officers. Many are confused about the message, since the police have disallowed anyone from posting banners or chalking the ground. But most who stop by to talk are supportive.

They want to see change here too. There is finally a sense of activism-oriented community building once again on this campus, fostering a way to combat the complacency our student body has fallen prey to.

Last Tuesday night there was a candlelight vigil and meditation, at which students stood in solidarity around the metal police barricade which now surrounds the tree that Fresh occupies. There is community support for Fresh, as well as student support.

This new tree sit has been a wonderful conduit through which to connect younger generations with those activists who have come before; a powerful bond which has gone missing in most university activism in recent times. There is a sense of historical continuity now being formed. But for a fleeting moment, our purposes, our basic human needs—his for water and mine for human decency—coincided. Our predicament is not uncommon. This has left city and county storm water programs awash in a bureaucratic quagmire with no relief in sight.

From those earliest days of mud and macadam streets with their horse-drawn carriages, there have been few strategies to protect local waterways from urban runoff pollution, except for street sweeping. A century ago, sweeping was done on a very small scale with hand brooms.

The principal focus was on controlling litter in commercial districts. Near the end of World War II, the city purchased its first mechanical sweeper, opening the door to a broader sweep of Berkeley. There was also a growing expectation for more than tidier streets.

Street sweeping began to be recognized as an important way to keep the surface runoff of oil and gas pollutants from ending up in the bay. Mechanical sweeping retrieves small particulates, including metals, from roadways. The new revenue was supposed to increase municipal maintenance activities such as sweeping. Despite the sell for pollution protection, it soon became apparent that Berkeley was not fully cued into its own program.

It was a harbinger of the mismanagement of this important environmental program. Many believe, and rightly so, that it is parking ticket revenues, and not flood control or curbing bay pollution, that drive our Clean Water efforts. Property owners were told their annual storm assessment would finance more maintenance and a progression of infrastructure upgrades.

When Berkeley transferred its existing costs of storm maintenance to this modest storm tax, the city failed to partner up with taxpayers to budget additional storm revenues from the General Fund. Since the storm water assessment has never been successfully brought back to voters for regular increases, the Clean Water Program has remained severely under-funded.

Berkeley has used this to justify putting a budget cap on our federal permit activities. No wonder street sweeping has remained at service levels, and that the few infrastructure upgrades continue to be emergency driven! As a result, there is now a backlog of much-needed storm drain repairs totaling tens of millions of dollars. As a consequence, nearly streets are no longer cleaned.

Criticism of this policy forced the city council to form a storm water taskforce in A year later, their report concluded that it is as costly not to sweep as to sweep because the machines have to travel over the streets that have opted out in order to get to the rest of the roadways that are still participating in the program. The council has never taken any real steps to bring the opt-out streets back on board.

Instead, council members continue to rationalize that the city is doing enough for bay protection, despite its opt-out policy. Furthermore, the city has said that the number of opt-out streets is too small to be of concern.

Clearly, all those roads have been exempted from the storm water program, too. When will the entire city be swept? It should be noted that Assemblywoman Loni Hancock was mayor of Berkeley when the opt-out program was created. Recently, Hancock has been campaigning for bond money to solve the many serious storm water problems.

Hopefully the lessons of the past will teach her that the Urban Clean Water Program needs more than just money to affect a real fix. This week, the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board is meeting in Oakland to receive public comments on our bankrupt storm water program. Unfortunately, this discussion is too little and certainly too late.

The Water Board needed to exercise its regulatory powers fifteen years ago. Their unwillingness to aggressively require compliance is the main cause for the failure of the Clean Water Program throughout the entire San Francisco Basin! The choices made by the Water Board at the onset of the program have created the lowest possible standards for protection of our state water resources.

It is criminal that Berkeley and the other county permit holders have been allowed to default for all these years on so many crucial Clean Water activities. L A Wood is a Berkeley filmmaker and civic watchdog. He runs the website www. It is objectively impossible to support the troops of the imperialist military forces of the U. The United States has over military bases or sites located in over foreign countries.

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Tens of thousands have been detained in prisons, with thousands of these tortured and scores murdered. Haditha, Iraq where 24 Iraqis were massacred is just the best known of the massacres.

But to decide whether U. The wars these troops are engaged in have the goal of maintaining and extending U. They are unjust, illegal, and immoral wars. Can you support the troops in these wars? This would be ridiculous, but no more so than supporting the troops engaged in the war that made the Haditha massacre possible in the first place. Like Butler, Watada, and Mejia, those in the military today must take responsibility for what the military does.

Those of us who oppose the unjust wars of the Bush regime must struggle with those in the military and those that support them to expose what role the troops objectively play. Supporting the troops engaged in making war against other nations and people on behalf of U. Oakland resident Kenneth J. Drive Out the Bush Regime! The city of Berkeley, being a diverse community as it proclaims to be, must keep its integrity and endorse flexibility, in this high-tech age.

As technology progresses, so does the demand for change. Nonetheless, facilities and locations within the city boundaries remains the same, as not much of the land left to be newly developed, hence new ordinances should be considered to accommodate the needs of those companies.

Another unique component of the city inhabitants is the small business and artisans, which had found the city, years back, to be accommodating to their special needs, and in turn, supplied the city with financial gain, diversity and the weaving of the fabric in which Berkeley is made of.

It is no wonder that Berkeley is an attraction for many real estate developers from all around the country, and it is refreshingly surprising to see that they too would like to keep the artisans and small business within their buildings. It is unfortunate to hear that due to some technicalities within the zoning ordinances, a company such as Cliff Bar is looking to relocate to a neighboring city, which is seeking to provide the proper zoning to their needs, rather than doing every effort to maintain those businesses which are the core and heart of Berkeley.

The action should be taken after a close inspection of the West Berkeley district, its zoning, as well its transportation capabilities, to result in a new zoning ordinance that will be able to keep, as well welcome, more unique occupants to the area, without harming the already existing and functioning facilities, residential area and business. Another aspect need to be taken into account, is being on the front lines of sustainability and the implications on the environment with the new mindset of the planned zoning changes.

As a recent arrival to the Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley from my native Los Angeles, there has been one issue that is seminal in my mind when thinking of the similarities between the two places.

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  1. Mar 11,  · Adding fuel to a state agricultural department plan already under fire, spraying seven heavily populated northern California counties to eradicate the light brown apple moth (LBAM), a just-released report says the pest, present in New Zealand for years, is controlled there by natural predators and that California should follow suit.
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