Amy - Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Were Going To The Moon

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They later evolved into the equally legendary grunge band The Fluid, who were one of Sub Pop's first non-Seattle bands back in He took up papercutting to alleviate boredom while touring on the road. Four books of Fair's art have been published. It was released by Matador Records in In Fair recorded an album with R. Stevie Moore , titled FairMoore, described as "a lovely, heartfelt effort that shows both in top form" by Dave Mandl, who stated that it "brings together two fiercely original figures in the American music underground", the album consisting of Fair reciting his poetry over Moore's instrumental backing.

In this short movie he visits Fair in house in Texas.

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6 thoughts on “Amy - Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Were Going To The Moon

  1. Rusty's Album Chronology. This list chronicles the albums I own in order by year. I have only included real albums: not greatest hits, remixes, most EPs, singles, soundtracks, etc.
  2. Jad Fair's Half Japanese were the most extreme case of noise-rock. They debuted with one of the most inept, clumsy, childish, lo-fi and indecipherable works of all times, the song triple album 1/2 Gentlemen Not Beasts (), that both Dada and Captain Beefheart would be proud of, and followed it up with the more cohesive Loud (), but still in the spirit of demented, atonal, vehement.
  3. Song titles on the album were taken from outrageous newspaper headlines. In Fair recorded an album with R. Steve Moore, Scotland's Teenage Fanclub and Fair, released in In Vincent Moon made a short documentary called Paris lost in Texas, Jason Willett & Jad Fair – We're Going to the Moon (Megaphone Limited) cd ().
  4. Jason Willett, Jad Fair and Gilles Rieder(Megaphone ) This record sounds like aliens from another planet listened to radiowaves from Earth and decided to have to have a go at making rock, jazz, funk, new wave, punk, ska, reggae, march, country, etc. 46 songs by members of Half Japanese.
  5. Jad Fair & Jason Willett – "The Corpse is Missing" (Slab-O-Concrete, ) With Yo La Tengo Edit Yo La Tengo – Strange but True (an album based on the unusual stories taken from the Strange but True column of newspapers).
  6. Contextual translation of "is he going to the beach tomorrow" into English. Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory.

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