2000 Hands (Morphem Remix) - DJ Bim - Yellow Sunshine Explosion

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Lunar Mode Original Mix. Middle Mode , Lunatica. Secret Story Original Mix. Everything Vibrates Original Mix. Yellow Sunshine Explosion. Blue Tunes Records. Lexxus DE. Serenity Flux.

In the Box, Vol. Entropia , Serenity Flux. Cosmic Tone - Intergalactic Album Version Slackjoint - The Tribe Waio Remix Djantrix - Unique Flavor E producer Drukverdeler.

Goa Trance Vol. This release contains music in the modern psychedelic and progressive trance genre, with emphasis on groovy, powerful, uplifting and massive tracks, forming cutting edge musical journeys, and massive tools for DJs. Enjoy this th release from Y. Com HotLink. VA - Goa Trance Vol. Fechar Tenho cadastro Pronto, agendar! Vicktorya AM - 21 February, Can someone please help there's this song stuck in my head don't know if its reggae heard it a while ago the only lyrics I remember are ' when I was passing chewing gum' and the chorus goes ' oh me yo yo wan no why she call me' etc.

Alpa-chin0 AM - 21 February, pls can someone tell me name of this song chorus goes "girl you look so fine, anytime you poom poom. La bella mafia PM - 4 March, Do any know the name of a reggae song with the lyrics mary brown why do you want to make me cry she leave me with a broken heart.

HailSelassi AM - 8 March, other songs i like Barrington levy - to experienced Nicodemus-gunman connection and many more. Alpa-chin0 AM - 15 March, pls can someone tell me name of this song chorus goes "girl you look so fine, anytime you poom poom child This video features an artist NOT in the reggae genre Aleem Khan , but Khan goes to a record store with a reggae song playing in the background.

It plays for a while, but I'm not that familiar with reggae to identify it. I really love this sound though, so if any of you can watch this video the song I'm looking for plays from and help name it, I'd appreciate it!

Here it is: Watch www. Tinkx AM - 12 April, Hi so was in the with mum listening to a taper of her music n most some r my childhood n I'm trying to get the music online for me n mum but 1 some came on n she don't remember the name but its a song th a us my memories Lyrics The song plays on this sound cloud link at I would appreciate it a lot if someone could find me this song, it's not Sizzlas version either m. So hard for my friends and I to live without finding this track.

All of us have this one in brain but impossible to find the artist and name of this song. We're looking for sweet reggae song. The singer is always repeating lyrics like "sweeeet! At one moment you have a other one singer singing with a deep voice. I know that it will be hard to find this one. It's better for me to just hum this one but on internet thats a pretty hard job. Help if you can! El PM - 5 June, Been looking for this tune for ages it came out in the years between had it on a mixtape the artist voice remind you of Richie Stephens or Jack Radics excuse the rambling but it goes "You better get out of town" theme more lyrics then it says " you must be stupid to come try you better get out the way" more lyrics then it says"he's out to get you" that is as much as I can remember lol hopefully somebody remembers this tune I would greatly appreciate it!

Yessir AM - 14 June, Hey everyone, I got an old joint that sounds similar to Chaka demus or born jamericans. The chorus or bridge goes Put it in.. Put it in, put it in. Help plz. The lyrics go like this "please tell me about that girl, I know her name is love.. Ulemu Kadam'manja PM - 4 September, Good people, Im looking for a beautiful track with its version, done by a lady, probably released in the 70s. In the song the lady calls herself sister At the beginning of the song she says something like, 'Look after your Soundboy PM - 10 September, Hi I'm looking for an old reggae song its more of a lovers rock melody with a flute in the background he is male and the chorus is " sugaaaaaar sugaaaar oooowww baby" followed by a distinc flute.

Can anyone help with that I could whistle the chorus but Yessir AM - 25 September, Quote:. Getting your lover or husband back. Lottery spell. If you want to stop your divorce. Marriage Spells. Get a job spell. Promotion spells. Getting your money back. Freedom spells. Love spell. If you want to satisfy your partner. Getting your VISA Herpes cure HIV cure Here is my details also if you wish to contact me personal christ.

Earthquake AM - 26 October, Hi , I am looking for a Reggae song I heard in a car but only knows part of the lyrics specifically the chorus It goes like: " Are we are one we are, Are weeeeeeeeeeee are one, Are we are one we are.

I believe it was titled "memories". The man who sang it looked like Richie Stephens but I do not know if it is. It goes something like: Pre-chorus Some girls will always be your friend You Trust them and they become your problem No matter what you tell me baby please Even go down on your knees The way you touch me touch me The way you hold me hold me Way you kiss me kiss me Oh girl memories memorieeees Chorus Memories, Memories, Those are just memories Those are just x3 Those are juuuuust.

GT is whey mi from.. Many thanks. Its reggae but the feel is more dancehall I dont remember the name of it but it goes Its been bugging me forever. Even my mom has been tryin to remember it. Tenor PM - 16 December, Quote:.

Easy fool make no riot, David use a stone and kill Goliath, So don't run down badness you see, A small ax cut down big tree, chorus: Don't bother fire no gun, Come in a the dance to have fun, Don't bother fire no gun, Come in a the dance to have fun, Badness is pure addition, it will get your conviction, So please, so please, Stop you action, You might be drawing a lot of attraction My life was going terrible and I didn't know if I was coming or going.

I had just gone through a rough divorce, wasn't making enough money to sustain me and my children, and my 17 year old son had just gone to jail for the first time. When I talked to him, I immediately found a sense of peace. He was very honest with me and I could feel that.

He also told me that everything would be okay. After my work began, things began to change. My bills were all caught up, the relationship I was in became much stronger, I was never FLAT broke, and my son was released from jail earlier than we expected!!

I also completely got over the failed marriage and began to move on. I felt completely comfortable with the work that was being done because I was always encouraged by Dr. JontyLeff PM - 4 February, Hi, I have really enjoy reading everyone's posts and listening to their selection. I have collect sevens all my life and would love to share couple of real treasures. It on the Ska Beat label.

A tune which is really special to both me and my wife is by the Overtakers and it called Girl You Ruf - it sounds like an old barber shop quartet. There other big tune is on the B side of the Big Takeover which is 'That's the Way you like It' which is actually about a bitter break up!

On Amalgamated Records. I have to leave you with one last track it a version of 'It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing' the dowop classic. It is by Ernest Rangling and it has such a ghostly background its like the opposite of the original and shows he is a master guitarist and it called 'Surfin' on Studio One. Another which is pretty hard to find is by Prince Buster and it call Dance Cleopatra on Blue Elephant with a great 's sleave.

I remember the melody of reggae song but i don't know the name or artist.. Please help me!. I think the Song name was something like " black woman" And then I will hum and invent the lyrics, because I do not know exactly "lara di girlfriend if you wanna be my lover , larara di girlfriend if you wanna ve together" Anyone please?

IMPIX AM - 27 February, plantar fasciitis and I'm hoping that my experience will prevent someone else from having to go through most comfortable shoes for men www. When Roots music was giving birth to Dancehall music and the whole scene was fresh, irie and innovative! Some of the most iconic riddims and samples were created in this period! This is an impressive list and many more worthy tunes could and will be added, but for now this is a good start Nuff Respect! JAH Rastafari!

Selassie I Know! Alex Gruzhchik PM - 3 May, Always without a doubt when I need ringtones I go to this site and always find everything quickly and without problems Neka AM - 13 June, Anyone knows the name of the singer and the name of this song it goes like Skenki PM - 10 July, Hey guys there is this song that says Love me love love me love you got to love me Its name please.

Ackeel AM - 8 September, Help! Please help! That one day we shall prosper confidence confidence. I've got one too. Of course, no title, no artist, i'm ont even sure about the release time, would say 90's Thing is, i've heard it a few times recently, but can't find it even looking carefully. Throw me To the flood Ain't got no clothes to put on my back Ain't bot no food To give to my kids" And nothing much more If someone can think about something I have one that might be tricky.

Please help if you know what song I'm referring to I listened to the tape in the 90's but the song might be from the late 80's Goes like this I love to sip my chalice in the morning, it helps me well to think and meditate I can see that all my bredren are gathering and asking if theres any left to share I love to smoke it in the morning Please help.

I love this song and it would be so good to hear it again. I just don't know who sings it! Or something like that. A wicked tune! Don't know who sings it. It goes " Remember your roots remember your culture and where you come from can't forget about we foundation coz that is where we proud glong glong glong wah " please help.

But if you really know the lyrics, you can match them on google , maybe you can find a answer.. For me too, i look for a tune from frankie Paul with this beginning. Another one i look for Bunny wailer?? An other unknown artist: band with a very good riddim i've still not found on riddimbase. Paw Paw paw paw paw paw, papaw papaw paw.

The song has a comedic storytelling style to it. Anyone know this song? Anyone know of or have this track??? Used this song to win a clash back in the late 90's when I used to spin vinyl Ulemu Kadam'manja PM - 31 January, Good people, Im looking for a beautiful track with its version, done by a lady, probably released in the 70s.

In the song the lady calls herself sister. I asked this in and now I have asked again. You can find your best tunes by listenning their riddim on riddimbase or another riddim site. For the tune : smile on your face, i've found the riddim!!! It was " what a confusion " or " duppy conqueror" Riddim If anyone can help I have been searching for 2 tracks for almost 40 years.

Although I like that version as well, but I really love the one I am looking for. The other is a song about leaves and sweeping up the yard.

I don't know the title or artist, but they lyrics are as follows Americanized The breeze starts blowing through the trees-es, and blow off a lots of leaves-es, and blow them off in my yards-es, that I man could not believes-es. I had taped the show those songs were on and have been listening to that tape for the last 40 years or so and it's gotten pretty worn. I did create a FLAC file of it recently.

I would be greatful for any info on these 2 tunes. Dad passed away last February - and I would very much like to find the artist of the song which he pulled from the radio sometime in the late 80's, maybe early 90's. The song or songs have at least two distinct vocalists, one very young sounding, the second very mature.

I have the clip available here: 1manview. If you could share the link to the post to social media friends, I'd appreciate it! Andreaaa PM - 20 February, Hi! BdaPepsi PM - 21 February, Hello looking for some help finding two song titles and artists.. Gimmi me visa, wanna go america, cant taake de life inna kingston jamacia A girl send fe ya send fe ya send fe ya protection tion tion Kingfitzy PM - 24 February, Trying to find a song that goes Its been so long and now i miss you Thats all the words i can remember from it The voice im getting in my head is sounding a bit like sanchez.

The lyrics goes something like this I am looking for a song with lyrics which goes like so Gal you are live life, big life. Nolabuttafly PM - 28 April, Trying to find this song. All I remember is the chorus says Coolers, alright , come again and again?? What I recall what has haunted my soul for years , the groove was dark and heavy, and there was an angelic chorus of girls singing "And we have the wise man too echo Radionpg PM - 19 May, Hi there. I'd really like some help in identifying a track I have, but don't know who its by.

I would guess its called Frankenstein and includes these lyrics: Frankenstein, children of the 79 Frankenstein was a great shoe-shine He'll bite out your blood-line And dont fear if your a good or bad man Oh if you're rich or you're poor just let me close the door Cos Frankenstein is here just to settle a score Ease up Frankie Dont brutalise your neighbours donkey Oh my God, here he comes..

Radionpg PM - 20 May, Ha - managed to solve it myself! Its "Frankinstine" note the spelling by Ringo. Its on the Greedy Puppy label and its on youtube. And its brilliant!!

Any ideas gratefully received! Comes in around 2. It goes like this:- Me and my woman together no matter the time, no matter the weather I will be very grateful if someone could help out. DragonEnemy AM - 22 June, Anyone please people been looking for the song from early s it says "i believe in the father confidence confiideence that one day we shall prosper confidence confideeence" please i need this song teally really really bad.

Jaybeez PM - 20 July, Hi everyone. I'm searching for another version of Tiger-When. Something that goes like "too much sex will affect your height, seen, analyse. When tiger jump, tiger jump up high Dj Farhan AM - 21 July, new danzhall mix coming this week! Here are all of my mixes: www. Hoovyendy PM - 30 July, Thanks for help.

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  1. Jan 16,  · This shopping feature will continue to load items. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading.4/4(1).
  2. Explore releases from Raphael Stehn at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Raphael Stehn at the Discogs Marketplace. DJ Bim - Yellow Sunshine Explosion Sell This Version: ZMACD Paps: Hands (Morphem Remix) Paps - Hands - The Remixes ‎ (CD, Maxi) Zillion Mental Anarchie Records: ZMACD Greece.
  3. Listen to Big Explosion (Sampler Sound Effects Dj Club) by Master Hit. Join Napster and play your favorite music offline. From the album "50 Sound Tracks, Vol.2 (Dj Club, Mixtape Tools, Party break and Samples)" by Master Hit on Napster (For Remix Mixtape and Other) Play 2.
  4. Download Cosmic Tone songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Cosmic Tone.
  5. Various Artists - Goa Trance, Vol. 33 by Yellow Sunshine Explosion published on TZ The Goa Trance Series goes in the 33th round and this time, it is a fantastic collaboration between Yellow Sunshine Explosion DJ Bim and his Live .
  6. The Goa Trance Series goes in the 39th round and this time, it is a fantastic collaboration between Yellow Sunshine Explosion DJ Bim and his Live Set Partner and Y.S.E producer Drukverdeler. Goa Trance Vol. 39 is like every time an outstanding journey into the world of progressive and psychedelic Goa Trance the ultimate soundtrack for the.
  7. Oct 30,  · Felixx - Fairytale Gone Bad (Club Mix) Hands Up Mega Mix,Techno ,Best House & Electro ,Dance Music ,Techno Mega Mix,Remix Techno ,Songs ,Mix ,Rn'B Mix ,Mix.
  8. The Goa Culture Series goes in the 21th round and this time, it is a fantastic collaboration.. between Yellow Sunshine Explosion DJ Bim and Belgium's Goa Trance Legend's DigiCult from.

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